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The OpenCart Gift Card Extension by Knowband increases sales – Know More!

Nowadays, internet users choose to give their loved ones a gift card. It is preferable to give a gift card rather than a thing. Further, searching for products is a time-consuming and tedious procedure. Online consumers purchase gift cards to reduce the amount of work they have to do. Aside from that, corporate giving is an additional alternative for increasing shop income. With Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card Extension, you can now effortlessly sell gift cards. In fact, the OpenCart send gift card extension enables the gift card part on the website. Furthermore, you may make and sell gift cards for important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and holidays. For instance, Christmas, Diwali, and New Year. In the order area, you may also see the gift card orders separately.

The OpenCart gift module enables you to add a gift card panel to your online business. Furthermore, allow your customers to purchase and send holiday-themed gift cards to their friends and family. You may quickly enhance your business’s revenue. Thus, attract new consumers with the OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin.

The following are some of the advantages of using the OpenCart gift card module for your online store.

  • The OpenCart gift card manager extension is incredibly beneficial in increasing your company’s income over the holidays. Because most consumers like to purchase gift cards, you can provide them with appealing holiday-themed gift cards. Thus, increase your sales in a short amount of time.
  • The OpenCart Gift Card coupons will assist you in attracting new clients to your online store. Using the Gift Card Module for OpenCart, your customers may give gift cards to their loved ones. Further, they then visit your site to shop with the gift cards they’ve received.
  • The OpenCart Gift Card coupons assist you in quickly expanding your business’s reach. The extension aids in the promotion of your company’s brand among new individuals.
  • E-merchants may use the OpenCart Gift Card module to keep clients for extended periods. The e-merchant may improve the experience of consumers and their dear ones by providing appealing gift cards for specific celebrations with the extension.
  • The OpenCart Gift Card extension is simple to set up and incorporate into your web store without the need for any technical knowledge.

Splendid features of the OpenCart Gift Card Extension by Knowband

Gift card section on the front end

The OpenCart gift card extension offers a gift vouchers section on your eCommerce website. Additionally, you may access this by selecting the gift card icon. In reality, the manager can place this widget in the header, footer, or left side of the site pages. He may also offer a gift card option in the product portfolio section.

Personalized note on the gift card

Clients may use the Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Cards module to add a tailored note for the gift card beneficiary when making an order for the gift card.

Every gift card is trackable

Each transaction is documented via gift cards.  which the e-merchant may check and examine. He may see these purchases in the OpenCart admin interface’s Gift Card Module.

The OpenCart gift card extension is easily installable

Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card extension is easy to set up and use, with a user-friendly interface. Clients may easily purchase gift cards, and administrators can keep track of all the patterns and purchases.

Tailored email notification

The OpenCart Gift Card extension has a customizable notification email that can modify via the admin console. This email notifies both the buyer and the receiver of the gift cards they have purchased.

Minimum days gap

A minimum gap of a few days might be specified by the business owner. Furthermore, utilizing the OpenCart gift card system module, between the order and dispatch of gift cards to consumers.


Addition of image to the gift vouchers

Customers can add unique photographs to the gift cards they want to buy if the admin allows it.


Virtual and physical gift cards delivery

Online and offline gift cards can both go on the user’s specified date. The most recent version of OpenCart Gift Card Manager allows the store administrator to execute the Cron directly.


The OpenCart Gift Card Extension by Knowband is an extremely functional and beneficial module. In fact, now is the right time to invest in having one. Check out the Knowband site for more information about the OpenCart gift module. However, you can even contact us at support@knowband.com.

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