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The Move to Shopify Plus: Everything you Need to Know

Thinking of migrating to Shopify plus? Excited to know everything about Shopify plus. Then this article is for you.

The major benefit of Shopify Plus is the proficiency to design nine varied regional stores in a single storefront. What made  Shopify Plus an absolute choice for every e-commerce brand is it’s free to do. 

Expansion stores offered in every need enable store owners to handle international e-commerce. Either it can be providing local currency & shipping options to offering localised content understanding which lets brands maximise SEO performance, CVR & paid media.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is the SaaS eCommerce network. It’s a personalized alternative to more eCommerce platforms. It’s used by several fastest-growing brands thanks to the easy integrations,  scalability, automation, etc. Similar to the Magento that proposes Magento for Enterprises,  Shopify provides Shopify Plus. As Shopify advance is a scalable & fully hosted SaaS ecommerce platform, it features many advanced features to monitor operations efficiently and grow the brand. 

By using Shopify advance, one could handle many transactions and your site is operating smoothly. The best thing about Shopify is that you don’t find any limit to the sales volume, bandwidth,  products, inventory, etc. The core features develop on what more eCommerce platforms got:

  • Extra control & customization 
  • Excellent automation
  • Enhanced Omni channel & multi-channel functions
  • Fast speeds
  • Manage huge sales & traffic 

If you are ready to scale Shopify plus store, the expert Shopify plus agency can help you. 

Difference between Shopify & Shopify plus? 

Even before knowing about Shopify, people would start thinking about why it’s better than other platforms. And mainly how it is different from Shopify.  Integrating Shopify plus offers several advantages to the brand. Along with better rates with Shopify pay, you can get access to specific APIs, check out. liquid file, Shopify scripts, and much more. 

These offer several ways to automate, integrate and personalize the e-commerce experience with operational workflows.  Shopify advance features a multi-site management solution that allows access to manage & navigate numerous Plus stores in the single admin view.

How much is Shopify plus the store? 

In terms of platform costs, Shopify Plus did an outstanding job to level the playing field. Shopify advance begins at $2000 monthly for a single licence.  It’s an inexpensive option for several enterprise solutions. Platform fees offer clone stores & development sandboxes that expand internationally. For complex and multi-site storefronts, two or more licences are needed.  We suggest you be close with the Shopify advance team and make sure everyone is on the exact page. 

Shopify advance is a cloud-based and fully-hosted platform where several operating & hosting costs are handled by Shopify advance team. This is the main area of savings. More costs involve third-party plugins from tax calculating to attaching online purchase history with the CRM info. Integration is needed for the system which doesn’t have any public applications. There could be costs involved with hosting & development of the custom app. 

What are the popular & effective features of Shopify Plus? 

Here are the features that you get with Shopify plus:

1. Shopify  Launchpad 

Everyone loves product launches &  flash sales. That’s where Launchpad comes in. Very similar to Flow, Launchpad is accessible for Shopify advance users who make them automate & plan processes to apply discounts, release products, and organize campaigns. Launchpad features an analytics platform to make good business decisions and run reports.

2. API access

Shopify’s less-priced packages offer API access. With Shopify Plus, you will get a good API access call threshold. What’s needed to manage the high numbers of orders with third-party software like producing ERP systems?

This access offers an exclusive API Shopify advance feature like:

  • Manages store gift cards outer Shopify’s native platform
  • Handle staff accounts outer Shopify’s platform
  • Merge & Integrate Shopify account credentials with other forums or websites. API access has a huge benefit to tweaking your systems within the workflow. 

3. Shopify Flow

Shopify Plus features access to the Shopify Flow, which sets up automation for each business aspect that involves Marketing, Customer support, Order management, Inventory control, and Risk management. 

4. Bandwidth

Huge manufacturing brands require high bandwidth that supports traffic approval via Shopify stores. Shopify Plus accesses 200TB storage & unlimited bandwidth that supports higher sales volume.

5. Checkout customization

 Shopify Plus benefits enable merchants to personalize the checkout page. For instance, Shopify advance users could offer branded checkout experience, fix technical issues,  make conversion optimization, etc. 

6. Script Editor

This is the Shopify advance exclusive tool that accesses merchants to:

  • Batch the products jointly
  • Editing store’s metrics
  • Provide special deals and promotions to certain consumers 
  • This Script Editor offers discounts & change shipping.

7. Multi-channel integration

Shopify advance offers more than 20 channels for selling online. In case yours is a B2B business the. Shopify advance makes it easy for you. You could pick from more than 100 payment gateways like Google pay, Amazon pay, and Apple pay that integrate into the site.  Your consumers can pay the way they like and shop the way they like.  

8. Shopify organization admin 

It’s an improved version of the basic Shopify admin. This one is made to enable businesses to handle several stores at the organisational level rather than the individual level. Shopify admin features Shopify flow management, analytic overview, store management, user management, and more. So, you can perform many tasks such as checking total orders & sales for the entire firm,  including users to the firm and more.

9. Shopify POS Pro

By using Shopify POS any merchant can launch a physical store quickly attached to the online store. Either it can be a permanent or pop-up shop. Generally, Shopify offers 2 POS app subscriptions which are Shopify POS Pro and Shopify POS lite. The pro version is accessible only to Shopify merchants. By using pro subscription merchants you can get access to limitless store satire, Omni channel selling features,  inventory management, in-store analytics, and staff stores. 

What are the considerations while moving to Shopify Plus?

 Management is controlled uniquely in Shopify plus rather than other platforms like Magento. So, it could create complexity. It can also be a case with international commerce that’s managed uniquely than other platforms such as salesforce commerce cloud and Magento. A big number of stores include overheads in terms of management if you don’t have order management and the PIM systems. 

That makes sure products and others manage easily. If you have a small team with fewer resources for maintaining your e-commerce site then Shopify advance could become an ideal option for you. It needs less work but helps your brand become agile and makes you do much more without any development resources. 

Shopify Plus pros and cons: 

Here are popular Shopify plus store pros & cons:

Pros of Shopify plus

  • Less maintenance,  hosting, load testing, security patches, upgrades, point release overheads, and more.
  • Endless online storage & bandwidth with 99.99% average uptime. 
  • Automation tools such as Flow and Launchpad automate time-consuming tasks 
  • It’s an innovative ecommerce platform with more changes & features 
  • Several personalized app integrations & tools to pick from 
  • Good customer service is assigned to every client. 
  • Simple to utilise APIs & SDKs 

Cons of Shopify plus

  • Needs technical technology that can be offered by a Shopify agency.
  • Restriction in the Content management 
  • Lack of upgraded multi-store architecture than   Salesforce Commerce Cloud & magneto
  • Limitations on kinds of products sold via Shopify Payments. 
  • Scarcity of SEO features.

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