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The best tips for starting a small business – By An Entrepreneur View

When you decide to start a small business, you seek bits of advice and tips, also you may be concerned about your Company Registration. Thus, you should consider taking help from your friends/family or someone you know. However, that may not be professional advice. Notwithstanding improper guidance, here are some expert tips for starting a small business.

You will find them really helpful as they have taken through the real experiences of successful business owners.

Label your Excuses

Many of us dream of being entrepreneurs. However, the business idea does not seem to work. The reason behind it can be excuses or the thought of failing.

Some of them are troubled with a lack of money or worries about time and responsibility. Worrying about the risk is normal, but not trying is not acceptable.

So, label all the excuses and figure out a way from it. For instance, if you are worried about money, look for help from angel investors, crowdfunding or family/friends.

Learn from everyone and everything

You always have to be like a sponge in life always. Learn from everyone and everything. Absorb every knowledge you can because sooner or later, everything you know will be beneficial for you.

Take advice from experts, friends, family and everyone you know. Maybe you learn something that turns your start-up idea into million-dollar funding.

Most importantly, notice how people react when you explain your idea and encourage them to be honest about it. Observe if they really liked it or are they just being nice. It will help in understand how your consumer’s reaction will be.

Estimate the costs

Before launching your idea, estimate the costs.

Calculate the cost of:

  • Raw materials
  • Electricity
  • Making Efforts and everything used to make the final product.

Even include the packing, labelling and shipping charges. Before giving the final cost, add your profit which should not be more than 30% of the production cost at the start.

Most importantly, when making the budget to start a business, keep in mind all the expenses that you may need to live for a year or two.

For instance, bills, healthcare, rent, food etc., as sometimes the small business does not make any profits in the first months.

Know the Legal Terms (Important tips for starting a small business)

Laws and legal work may not sound exciting but are crucial for everyone.

If you do not have all the legal papers you need to operate the business, the government may charge you with penalties. Therefore, always be on the safer side with the legal work.

The certificates you need to start a small business are:

  • GST Certificate
  • Shop And Establishment Act Certificate (if opening a shop physically)
  • FSSAI License (if opening a food-related business)

Most importantly, you need a separate bank account for your business to keep your personal and business assets independently.

If you are an individual, you can go with a savings bank account. However, if you are establishing a company, then it is compulsory to have a current account.

Invent Omnichannel

Give your customers access to your website or store in a way that is convenient for them and through various channels. Customers today interact through many channels like social media, emails, live chats, workshops etc. By doing so, you prove to your customers that you value them are always available for them.

With these, you are now ready to start your business and achieve your goals. To learn more about tips for starting a small business, or starting a company in Mumbai you can go for company registration in Mumbai and contact us at starteazy for expert advice.


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