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Health and Fitness

The best inexpensive and healthy weight loss diet



“Standing with oneself” is the best start to work on a practical diet to lose weight. The will and decision to stop eating unhealthy and full of fats while thinking about a sports solution as well as avoiding sugars, white flour and starches.

In order to create a healthy diet, you must first succeed in creating a mixture between lack of deprivation and happiness on the one hand and between will, continuity and enjoyment in order to transform your life into a healthy system, a beautiful lifestyle as they say, and no diet makes you feel torment so that you do not give up quickly and decide to raise the white flag.

In order to continue to follow a healthy diet, you have to search for the best food that you like in a way that suits you, for example who loves to eat a burger, why not go to the butchery and look for meat without fat and then turn it into a burger and then buy brown bread instead of bread with white flour And lettuce is placed without ketchup, and ketchup can be substituted with mustard, which is less caloric, and it is advised not to drink soft water with these foods.

This is how we succeeded in getting the most healthy food we loved while losing weight and without feeling deprived

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The best start to a healthy diet for slimming and weight loss

The best inexpensive and healthy weight loss diet

  • The same thing should be followed in many of the foods we love, for example pizza that we can make with oats with a very specific amount and in a smooth way and using whole grains saturated and nutritious full of benefits.
  • Also, there are eggs that are recommended to be eaten boiled rather than fried, and chicken is preferred to be eaten grilled instead of fried in oil.
  • The best way through which to do a healthy diet is to search for everything we love from food and turn it into a healthy food. Whoever loves cheese looks for light cheese without many fats, who loves tuna eats it but without oil, there is tuna with water and there is no water or Oil and be more healthy.
  • Instead of oil, you can resort to margarine or non-hydrogenated or salted butter, instead of white bread you should look for brown bread with whole grains, slices of saturated bread, or brown toast, and there are famous companies that produce such types of bread in a wonderful healthy way and at a few calories.


Important tips for slimming and losing weight

1. Away from unhealthy foods:
  • Diet and weight loss by following a healthy diet routine that includes an important thing, which is to completely avoid drinking foodstuffs, sugars, and high-calorie chocolate, as well as sugar cane, and to reduce the proportion of eating high-calorie fruits such as grapes, dates, figs and mangoes.
  • You should also stop sugar in a smart way by using diet sugar in drinks such as Sweetal, Stevia, and Sugar Match instead of thinking about high-calorie white sugar.
  • The rate of sugar use in our daily life should be reduced, and the same applies to food in general.
2. Sports and movement routines:
  • To lose weight practically and get a tangible result, it is logical that being satisfied with a diet and sticking to a diet routine will not be your magic solution to get rid of your extra weight, nor will it be an effective solution to a significant weight loss in a short period, so we are talking here about an inexpensive factor to avoid obesity Excessive at least, with weight loss on prolonged commitment.
  • Thinking about working a healthy life by walking for a period of not less than half an hour per day and that period can be prolonged continuously, and it is preferable to think about a specific sport with the possibility of jogging or skipping rope or going to the gym continuously with the possibility Movement on a daily basis inside the house for at least half an hour.
  • Mothers, for example, can play with their children with movement, which is healthy for children as well.
  • It is also advised that you seek to persuade those around you to resort to healthy eating and eat foods rich in vitamins and saturated in order to help you continue life better and to give you the necessary support in case you feel weak at some time.
3. Reward is essential:
  • It is not forbidden every two weeks to give yourself a reward by getting a meal that you like, whether chocolate or some kind of food, as a kind of reward for yourself, but on the same day it is advised not to eat dinner and walk for at least an hour.
  • It is not recommended to think about your weight or measure weight continuously, but it is enough for you only to feel good about yourself and with time and healthy food and to reduce the rate of eating and sports continuously and without resorting to medication you will find yourself with time reaching the ideal weight that you dream of without any trouble or hardship with Enjoying your life and getting the meals you dream of.



My Name is Ali and i am Fitness Coach my Goal is to help people change their body and mind with the most easy and the Realistc ways i hope i can help

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