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The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Popular methods

There are a number of ways to clean carpets, so you can choose whichever way you prefer to get you the desired results. For example, you can use baking soda to get rid of lingering smells or you can blot the stains, making sure not to press the stain deeper into the carpet material. But, the modern world has its own carpet cleaning challenges. This is why we need to explore the latest methods for carpet cleaning so we can optimize the results.

Our experts have had extensive experience with a variety of methods in the carpet cleaning industry. Let us go over a few of them so you can be more informed and choose the one that works best for you.

Highly Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods

You can clean your carpets in many ways, but not every method is going to yield the desired result. We broke down different carpet cleaning methods to find out which one is best for your home or office.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is often the most popular carpet cleaning method because it’s so effective. In order for this to work, rental trucks are used with hot water and detergent injected into them. They’re then driven over the carpets, which eliminates dirt and stains from deep within the fibers. This type of service usually costs more than other methods but can make your carpet look brand new again!

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaners use heated air, non-toxic cleaning agents, and a vacuum to remove dirt from carpets. The process is fast, quiet (except for the sound of the suction), and low in moisture so it keeps your carpet dryer than wet methods like steam cleaning or shampooing. One downside: You’ll need to buy an expensive machine that does nothing but clean carpets; one with a large water tank is best if you have lots of floor space since these machines suck up such a large amount of liquid during the cleaning cycle. Wet carpet cleaners usually involve adding soap or detergent onto your dirty carpet then scrubbing it into the fibers before rinsing them off.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is a carpet cleaning method where hot water, soap, and detergent are used to clean the carpet. This process removes dirt from deep within the carpet fibers which allows it to be dry faster than other methods of rug cleaning such as steam or power washing. The downside of this type of cleaning is that carpets can only absorb so much liquid before they become saturated with water and begin leaking into undamaged areas on your floor causing damage. To avoid severe leaks you should make sure to have professional technicians handle any carpets that cannot hold up against this kind of treatment.

Hot Water Extraction

This carpet cleaning method uses hot water and a specialized machine to extract dirt from the carpet fibers. As it cleans, this process releases steam in your home which helps to freshen up any rooms that have been flooded with odors or dust particles. The professional can use special equipment such as an air scrubber to help remove allergens if you are experiencing allergies like asthma or other respiratory disorders.

Carpet Drying tips

Drying carpeting is an important task after the carpet has been steam cleaned. This will help to prevent mildew and bacteria from developing, as well as make your home smell clean. There are a couple of ways you can dry out carpeting. If possible, use fans to circulate air in areas with high humidity or rooms that have many windows open. If this isn’t possible for example, if there’s only one window in a room, use a dehumidifier instead. It is important to make sure your carpets completely dry out.

Use Baking Soda For Freshness

Having dirty carpets is a challenge. In order to make your home smell fresh, try using baking soda in keeping it clean and dry. Baking soda is good for absorbing the smell, so it is best to sprinkle some on the floor before vacuuming. Most people like using baking soda to maintain the freshness of their carpets. However, it is ineffective as a cleaning agent and doesn’t completely clean the stains.

The Power Of Blotting Stains

One of the best methods to remove stains is treating them right away before they set into the material. The longer you wait the harder it will be to remove the potential stain. You might be tempted to just wipe up the stain, but that would be a mistake. When you wipe the spill you will be pushing deeper into the material. It is important you remember to blot the stain by lightly dabbing it over using a back and forth motion. This will definitely help the situation but won’t be the final solution.

Products on the market

The amount of cleaning products on the market are mind-boggling. Lots of these cleaning products contain harmful chemicals which can be bad for your health. Years ago there were fewer organic and safe options but fortunately for us, we have many options that don’t have those harmful chemicals but can still get the job done. It’s always good to get into the habit of checking the label to make sure you know what kinds of things are in the cleaning product. You will want something of quality that is affordable. Lower quality products can damage your carpet and end up costing you more money in the long run. Some natural cleaning products we recommend are Naturama all-natural carpet cleaner and Biokleen carpet and rug shampoo.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

The methods mentioned here are great ways to stay on top of your carpet cleaning duties. They are short-term fixes and you will want to also add some long-term solutions for the longevity of your carpets. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is very important, especially if you want a deep clean that your carpets deserve. The professionals have the experience and know-how to make your carpets look brand new and kill any lingering odors and bacteria that may still be hiding deep in the material. It is recommended to get your carpets professionally cleaned every 8-18 months depending on how much traffic your carpets see.


Sometimes it’s hard to find time to stay on top of your carpet cleaning routine. There are professionals that can help and it isn’t very costly. Avoid mistakes and prolong the life of your carpet. Your carpets will thank you.

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