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The Best ACH Integration Alternatives

Software developers are under constant pressure to innovate and take their product to the next level from market competitors, clients with “unique demands,” and their own firm.

Integrating a payment processing system allows end-users to debit/credit checking, savings, or credit card accounts, as well as automate the posting and reconciliation of payments.

The Best ACH Integration Options gives users of a SaaS organization payment options and perks. ACH services for small business are a great option for businesses that use a recurring payment strategy.

Integration is essential for a variety of reasons:

  • The number of credit card declines is increasing. Return rates for recurrent credit card billing are normally about 15%, while ACH payment services processing return rates are often around 2%.
  • Both consumers and businesses accept ACH payments as a means of payment facilitation.
  • Because banking checking and savings accounts do not have expiration dates and are less likely to be canceled or re-generated as a result of data theft, ACH integration of payments is an excellent choice for recurring payments-based apps.
  • ACH processing fees are typically 80-90 percent less than credit card processing fees.

What are the Most Effective ACH Integration Methods?

The Best ACH Integration Options in terms of an ACH Integration API are:

  • API accessibility: Can the partner integrate RESTfully or SOAP ACH transactions or both?
  • Does the partner provide a single API for both US ACH and Canadian EFT for market bases that include Canada?
  • Will your potential partner take the time to learn about your business and offer payment choices that are tailored to your needs and those of your clients?
  • Has sensitive information been tokenized?
  • Do you have an API that your consumers may use to apply from your website or app?


  • Does the platform comply with PCI Security Standards (though NACHA does not require PCI compliance for ACH transactions)?
  • Does the partner support you and your user clientele with ACH payment processing adoption?
  • Can you use ACH Processing Integration to boost the income of your app?
  • Is there a way to make calls for anti-fraud and risk reduction using the ACH API?
  • Can risk acceptance models help you save money on processing?
  • Are there any white-label options that would allow for a branded processing option while keeping the ACH processor hidden?

Other benefits of ACH integration include the fact that paper checks are ineffective for organizations or applications that want to receive payments from bank accounts. Even if they did, handling paper checks is inconvenient and costly. If an application pays out money to affiliates or businesses for services or goods, having an ACH Integration to manage the ACH Credits is significantly less expensive.

Paper checks are also significantly more vulnerable to fraud than anything processed through an ACH Integration. When remitting payments by paper check, ACH Integrated payments remove the risk of unauthorized use.

The ACH services for small business network operates in a batch mode.

This means you have no way of knowing whether or not the payment will be successful at the moment of payment—though the vast majority of the time it will.

However, when the platform payment reporting and the customer’s bank accounts don’t match, this might lead to accounting reconciliation concerns.

You can reconcile payments deposits immediately in your payment reporting suite if you have advanced Payment Deposit Reconciliation features. This degree of reporting insight is not available from the vast majority of ACH API providers.

Developing an ACH payment integration solution leads to happier customers. It might be a more cost-effective way to streamline cash flow, and if your app or market has regular payment requirements, we are the specialists.

API functionality and a predictable, less expensive payment vehicle that will empower your software and add value to your user base.

With ACH transactions, there are fewer chances of a dispute. For a variety of reasons, credit card transactions might be contested and charged back. With ACH transactions, this is not the case. An ACH transaction can be contested for only three reasons: 

the transaction was not authorised to be debited, the amount was inaccurate, or the date it was completed was incorrect. A formal affidavit must be completed at the bank where the ACH debit was made in each of the three circumstances.

The recurrent cycle of ACH payments continues indefinitely. We previously discussed credit card expirations, stolen cards, re-issued cards (EMV), and the credit card rejects that come with them.

An application that requires recurring payments and has completed an ACH integration recognises the value of creating a user for ACH recurring payments and not having to worry about declines. In terms of the reoccurring ACH, they very much set it and forget it. The only reason to enter a user’s account is to receive a return notification, which is usually due to a lack of cash. This is where having a decent ACH API comes in handy.

To begin, realize that rejected ACH transactions have two re-presentation originations available to try to capture the money that was previously NSF.

Favorable re-presentations differ by business type, but the options should include immediate, delayed by a given number of days, a smart date such as a logical payday like the first or 15th of the month, or a certain day of the week, such as Friday. Using the ACH integration API’s retry field options, the SaaS company can programmatically manage any NSF returns they get. Furthermore, if the SaaS company wants to assess and collect a separate NSF fee transaction, it can be handled programmatically.

That decision differs for each organization but retrying NSF’s isn’t; it’s universally acknowledged.

Payments made through ACH are processed first. Settlements for checking and savings accounts are handled differently. While each bank may have its own set of procedures, ACH transactions are usually settled and reconciled first.

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