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Stretch marks on the chest

Do you have scars on your breasts, that you do not know why they have appeared, and would you like to get rid of them? The safest thing is that they are stretch marks.

If you are having a complex, you should know that they can be treated, but not in any way. You should also be aware that the longer you take to attend to them, the more difficult it will be to attenuate them.

Do you want to know what stretch marks on the chest are and how to eliminate them?

What are stretch marks on the breasts?

Although, before going on to talk about how to eliminate them, you should know a little more in depth what stretch marks are:

Stretch marks are irregular lines located in the connective tissue and can be seen through the epidermis. Initially they have a reddish or purple color, but over time it turns whitish, leaving a kind of scar.

They not only appear on the breasts , but you can find them on your thighs and buttocks, on your abdomen or even on your back.

They are almost impossible to prevent completely , especially in the case of chest stretch marks, since they are a normal consequence of our skin when it comes to volume changes.

And at what age do stretch marks appear on the chest? The truth is that anyone, so no one is exempt from having them.

Types of stretch marks

Stretch marks on the breasts can have two different colors:

  • Red stretch marks: these marks have a red color when the skin is broken, that is, when they have just appeared. This is the time when the remedies against them are most effective, since they have not yet healed.
  • White stretch marks : when these heal, the red grooves turn white.

Why do stretch marks appear on the chest?

Now, what are the causes that give rise to stretch marks on the chest:

Puberty and adolescence

Adolescence is characterized by being a time of hormonal changes. An accelerated breast development can lead to stretch marks, since it is a part of the body quite sensitive.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

The time with the highest risk of stretch marks is undoubtedly pregnancy, since both the abdomen and the breasts stretch and decrease rapidly with pregnancy. And the breast, in addition, can increase and decrease for years depending on how long the lactation period lasts.

Breast enlargement or reduction operation

Also breast surgeries can lead to the appearance of stretch marks, since there is a drastic change in volume.

For this reason, it is essential that you comply with the recommendations of the best plastic surgeon in Jammu after a breast augmentation or breast reduction operation.

Sudden changes in weight

Also, sudden weight changes can cause striated scars on your breasts. So think carefully before going on an express diet to gain or lose weight.

Other causes

Hereditary factors, hormonal imbalances, dehydration or birth control pills can be other factors causing the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts.

Is it possible to eliminate them?

Yes. Stretch marks, both reddish and whitish, can be treated.

Although it should be noted that the most recent ones are easier to delete. On the contrary, if they have already healed, they will need more powerful treatments.

How to treat stretch marks on the chest to eliminate them completely?

Good. At this point, you can already know what treatments exist to attenuate, eliminate or prevent stretch marks on the chest:

Anti-cellulite and body firming treatment

With regenerative collagen treatments you can deal with cellulite and stretch marks, since, by regenerating this protein in the connective tissue, you will firm your skin.

Which not only serves to combat the marks on your chest, but also to reduce your flaccidity and eliminate wrinkles in different areas of the body.


The peeling consists of a deep exfoliation of the skin with chemical products. Its purpose is to polish the superficial layers of the dermis to remove dead cells and to activate their regeneration.

To be

A laser treatment is ideal for older stretch marks, which have already healed and turned white, as this procedure affects the deeper layers of the dermis. It is the most effective method to eliminate this type of stretch marks, which is more complicated to tackle.

If you are going to opt for this method, you must make sure that your clinic has all the required permits and authorizations to apply it.

How to prevent stretch marks on the chest?

Before finishing this post, I have to offer you different tips that, although they will not eliminate your stretch marks, can help you prevent their appearance or aggravation:

  1. Drink lots of water. Beautiful skin is hydrated skin. So drink all the water that your body needs, since this is beneficial for the elastic fibers of your dermis.
  1. Moisturize the skin of your chest on a daily basis . It does not have to be a very expensive cream, the important thing is to establish the habit of applying a moisturizer every day to improve the elasticity of your skin.
  1. Take care of your weight and buy a healthy diet . Proper nutrition is essential for the condition of the skin fibers, as they will become more resistant and break less easily. In addition, a balanced diet will avoid rapid weight changes that can cause stretch marks on your breasts.
  1. Take natural diuretic products . These are great to eliminate retained fluids and to improve your circulation or the elasticity of your skin. Some examples are horsetail, green tea, cucumber, pineapple, citrus, etc.
  2. Use special creams during pregnancy . We have already commented that pregnancy is a dangerous time for the appearance of stretch marks, so we recommend using special creams to deal with your hormonal and physical changes.

You’ve already seen that you don’t have to live with stretch marks on your chest if you don’t want to. You just have to consult plastic surgeon in Delhi and know how to treat them.

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