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Stop by Waterfront Gourmet’s Philadelphia Waterfront Location for a One of a Kind Experience

Stop by Waterfront Gourmet’s Philadelphia Waterfront Location for a One of a Kind Experience

The Philadelphia Waterfront right east of Old City offers the visitors and neighbors a nice, quiet, toned down experience right within the historic downtown of the city. Its charm, friendliness and hidden gems take on many forms.

Residents and visitors alike will fall in love with the historic architecture and the many buildings and locations that are dripping with history reaching all the way back to colonial times. There are galleries and charismatic little shops in the area offering everything from flags to souvenirs to cultural artifacts.

The dining experience in the area of Old City and along the Waterfront at Penn’s Landing offers just as much charm. The area is rich with eclectic culinary tastes and the ambience of the river is a perennial magnet for those wishing to relax and enjoy delicious food.

If you’re looking for a waterfront gem, check out the aptly named Waterfront Gourmet along the Philadelphia Waterfront. Situated right at 5 North Columbus Blvd in Penn’s Landing, their Philadelphia Waterfront location is well situated to offer you a dining experience that is replete not only with healthy, fresh flavor but also with a setting that can hardly be matched – anywhere in the entire country.

Of course, Waterfront Gourmet also operates three other convenient locations throughout the City of Philadelphia so once you get a taste for their world class flavors, you’ll never have to be too far away from a quick, refreshing bite.

If you are closer to Center City, you can stop by their location at Dilworth Plaza at 1414 South Penn Square, located right by City Hall. It’s in the center of the action, right in the heart of the city alongside great shopping, entertainment and history.

If you are further west in the city, you can also stop by either of their locations in Roberts Center or University City. Their Roberts Center location is right along the Schuylkill, only about a mile south of The Academy of Natural Sciences, The Franklin Institute and The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Their University City location is a stone’s throw from the Penn Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Art, as well as being fairly close to several institutions of higher learning in the city.

Whether you find yourself in the neighborhood of their Philadelphia Waterfront location or one of their other spots, one thing will be assured – their atmosphere is great, and their food is always fresh, and always amazing.

Waterfront Gourmet’s vision is to add a twist to classic sandwiches, wraps, paninis, salads and more – and their food is always prepared fresh to order. While you’ll recognize classic dishes on their menu like their Classic Chicken Caesar Salad and London Broil Sandwich, you’ll also be surprised by the piquant and inspiring additions they add to their signature dishes to shake or spice them up. Once you get a taste of their classically inspired dishes, you’ll be coming back again and again.

So stop by any of their locations for a cup of coffee by bali espresso® or for a unique breakfast sandwich. Pick up a wrap or a salad for lunch, or order a tray for the whole family for dinner. You’ll love their health conscious vegan, vegetarian and plant based offerings that set the pace for fresh, healthy, delicious food, and you’ll love their atmosphere and service. The next time you’re in their neighborhood, stop in one of their locations and get yourself a treat. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll be coming back time and time again for more.

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