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Special offers on tyres in UAE

How to Choose the Perfect Tyres for Your Vehicle?

When you go shopping and buy some shirts or accessories you probably compare which design or brand suits you better. The same can happen when you go out to purchase tyres for your vehicle. You need to identify and consider some of the factors through which you can buy the right and perfect tyres. 

Tyres are the essential component of your vehicle that has a direct impact on the roads. If you ever ignore the fact that you can buy any tyres which do not fit your car, size, treads, and others, then you are going to pay the heavy price in the future. 

Every vehicle has its ideal tyres that enhance the safety and performance of your vehicle. Your style of driving can also play a major role in tyre selection, for instance, if you brake harder, then the threads of your tyres wear out quickly.


Tyres are the only component that directly contacts the road. Significantly, you get the right tyres for the comfort and performance of your vehicle as well. If you are currently planning to buy the latest and perfect tyres for yourself, let us help you with this. We are providing the simplest guide which may help you to find the right tyres. 

Have a look at some important factors below:

Matching tires


The matching tyre is the perfect tyre for your vehicle, you have to consider various factors that help you to find the matching ones. Tyres need to be of perfect sizes, otherwise, it will create a mess and you can even compromise your safety. Tyres are very important as they have direct contact with roads, so those need to be perfect in terms of size, diameter, etc. 

There are many types of cars and other vehicles currently in the market. And each model has different sizes and types of tyres. There are various factors which you need to consider before buying your vehicle’s perfect and matching tyres like

  • Size
  • Performance needs
  • Driving Conditions
  • Climate

Also, every tyre is not for every season. There are different types of tyres for every season. The weather conditions in which you live will help you to buy the best seasonal tyres. If there is always warm weather in a country like the UAE, then you need summer tyres. Buying seasonal tyres is the best thing you do to purchase tyres, as there are various seasonal types of tyres such as. 

  • Winter tires
  • All season tyres
  • Trailer tires
  • Off-road tyres
  • Summer Tyres


Right Size


Size does matter in purchasing the right tires for your car. When you go to purchase the tyre you need to check the dimensions which are imprinted on the sidewalls of tires as they play a major role in selecting the perfect tires. whilst selecting the right tires you need to select the size that is appropriate to your vehicle. 

For the safety of your vehicle and yours you need to buy the right size of tyres. right size of tyres will give you benefit of longevity, and the better performance of your vehicle. There are some of the factors during selection of tires with right size includes

Load Ratio: Maximum weight that the tires can carry at once

Tyre Width: Modification in width can stabilize the vehicle on road and perform better.

Tyre Diameter: changing the diameter of your vehicle can be problematic, as this impacts extremely on your car’s speedometer and odometer. We highly recommend that you do not ignore the tyre size, always choose the perfect tyre size.

Evaluate Your Driving Conditions

Another important factor in the selection of the right and perfect tires is your conditions. Before buying the tires try to evaluate the conditions of your driving like where you drive mostly and in which weather conditions you usually drive. For instance, if you drive off-road then you cannot use the highway tires, as they are strictly for highways and freeways.

Also you need to assess the style of your driving, which tells how long a tyre last in your vehicle. if you drive in high speed then your tyres won’t last long especially if you are driving on sand. This happens due to tyre treads are worn out fast, that is why after evaluating this factor as well you need to make the decision to purchase perfect tyre for your car. 


Similarly, you need all-terrain tires if you drive both on and off-road conditions. You have now got the idea that every tyre is not perfect for your car as tires are also manufactured based on driving conditions, you just need to assess where you mostly drive and what the conditions of the road and climate are. 

The assessment of your driving conditions and circumstances in which you drive will be very useful in purchasing the best tires for your vehicle. 


Purchase from trustworthy and reliable source

Buying tyres may seem easy, you go to the shop, look for the right size, and then just purchase it. But have you ever considered the quality they provide and how much trust you can put on them? These are very fundamental questions you should think about before buying. Trust is the basis of everything. 

However, sometimes it is hard to find someone trustworthy whom we can fully trust. There are many distributors in UAE from where you purchase the tires. But the question is will they provide perfect tires for your vehicle and are they trustworthy? But we’ve got you covered, if you are a resident of UAE then is the best option you can purchase tyres from, they provide special offers on tyres in UAE for each model, as well as they provide you the perfect size of tires for your vehicles. So try them out.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

If someone gives you the assurity, then it is the best thing, you can trust them. Similar scenarios can happen during purchasing of tyres. If the retailer provides you a warranty then you can trust them and purchase without any hesitation.  

When purchasing any tyres we ask if the product has any warranty. Warranty is not just about the replacement of tires or any products, but it shows the credibility of manufacturers. If the tire manufacturers are offering a warranty that the tyre will not be damaged at a specific time, then the manufacturer can be considered reliable.


But if you are purchasing the tyre of your own choice and not the perfect one for your vehicle then the warranty will not be of any use, as you are doing damage. Buy from reliable suppliers or distributors who can provide trustworthy brands with a warranty.


Looking for the right thing is always a problem. Choosing the perfect tyre is not different. There are many tyre brands, sizes you can select, but what is more important is that you must choose the right one which fits your car perfectly. We provide you with simple and essential factors through which after some consideration you can choose and purchase the right tyres for your vehicle. If you want to search for more information you can always do, as this is the best thing to do before purchasing anything

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