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Secured Personal Loan: Advantages and Disadvantages

The secured personal loan is a personal loan secured by some collateral. It differs from typical personal loans, which are generally unsecured.

There is less danger for lenders because they can seize the collateral to compensate for any losses if you default on your loan repayments.

Because of the lowered risk, you could acquire a more significant loan amount or lower APR with a secured personal loan by collateral compared to an unsecured line of credit.

Check the following points before deciding if a security-enhanced loan is right for you:


  • Loans of more significant sums are typically offered.
  • Could have cheaper interest rates compared to unsecured loans
  • It’s possible that qualifying for this grant will be less complicated.
  • People with no credit or needy have more possibilities.


  • Borrowers must provide collateral, which is not always available to all.
  • In general, they offer shorter repayment durations, which can lead to larger loan payments
  • You could lose the collateral you’ve put up if you don’t make your loan payments on time.

Where Can You Acquire A Secured Personal Loan?

There are a few sites where you can get a secured loan. Check out all of your options before taking out a personal loan that is secured.

  1. Online lenders: You’ll have to do some research to find out which online lenders provide personal loans secured by collateral. LightStream, on the other hand, does offer secured loans for motorcycles and new cars.
  2. Banks: Home and car loans are offered by several brick-and-mortar banks.
  3. Credit unions: Mortgages, automobiles, and other types of personal loans can all be secured by your local credit union. Some national credit unions, like Navy Federal Credit Union, offer an unsecured line of credit. Still, it’s best to verify with the credit unions in your area before applying for a personal loan.

To Secure A Personal Loan, What Can I Use as Collateral?

Generally speaking, you can use anything of value as collateral, but the lender’s decision will be final. The following are typical examples of collateral; Cars, Boats, Savings accounts, Investments, Life Insurance, Art, Jewelry, etc.

Alternatives to secured personal loans

  • Unsecured personal loan: In the absence of any security, an unsecured personal loan may be the best option. A longer payback period and a higher interest rate are the norms for unsecured loans. Personal loans for those with bad credit are also available from some lenders.
  • Credit card: If you only need a few hundred dollars, a credit card may be a better option than a personal loan that requires collateral. The interest won’t have to be paid if you pay off the amount you borrowed by the due date.


Personal loans without collateral may still be a suitable alternative for those who want to save money on interest and the total cost of the loan. It’s essential to keep in mind that unsecured personal loans often have shorter repayment terms, which means that you’ll likely be responsible for greater monthly installments.

If you need a bigger loan amount or cannot secure a personal loan with no security, you may want to consider a collateralized loan. A Secured Personal Loan may be the best option. A secured loan might help you rebuild or start your credit history if you have bad or no credit. With a personal loan, you will have to pay interest. It is essential to look at as many options as possible before making a final decision. Credible makes this simple; you can compare multiple lenders in two minutes.

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