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Scope of Digital Marketing Certification in 2021

2020 and 2021 witnessed the horrific and terrifying COVID-19 pandemic which shook the very foundations of the world. Also, in such a scenario many people are wondering what is the scope of digital marketing in 2021. We will discuss this very topic in the present article.

Digital marketing has changed the way businesses and organizations conduct their operations and functioning completely. Similarly, it has changed the meaning of advertising at a foundational level.

Gone are the days of company representatives being the only reliable source of information about a company’s products and services. Digital marketing has changed the face of advertising and marketing forever. Any decent PGP in digital marketing course will teach this history.

What are the benefits of using digital marketing?

  1. Companies are able to target audiences easily –

We live in the age of information. Today data is king. Nowadays, companies can make use of massive data sets. They analyze the behavior of customers and detect recurring patterns in it. They can then draw meaningful insights from the patterns. After that they can use them to take note of emerging trends in the behavior of the customers. One can learn how to do this by getting a Digital marketing certification.

Using this information they can craft their advertisements in such a way that they can be targeted at the customers. They can base this on various characteristics related to the customer’s information. About which the company has extracted from the data sets. These characteristics include the customer’s gender, age, location, interests, and education. Any decent digital marketing course teaches these characteristics.

  1. It requires a little investment but gives a very high RoI –

Paraphernalia like print ads in newspapers and magazines, business cards, commercials on radio and TV, posters. Or brochures, and billboards are not very promising avenues of marketing one’s products or services.

However, the story is completely different in the case of digital marketing. It requires very little investment upfront and one can scale it as they grow. If the statistics are measured for each lead, digital marketing is 61 times less expensive than traditional marketing. This statistic is mentioned in any decent PGP in Digital Marketing certification course.

But the returns on the investment of digital marketing can be enormous. A well-made video advertisement can go viral on Youtube and bring in staggering amounts of money as revenue. It can also bring converted leads and interested customers. Information about the product or service can spread further through word of mouth if the viewers of the video become inspired by it. Any decent Digital Marketing Company course will elaborate upon these mechanics.

  1. Companies are able to reach mobile users –

There is an incredibly large number of mobile devices in the world. Now there is no other way to reach this massive market of mobile users other than digital marketing. Specifically through online digital platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They provide the only means to make contact with all those mobile users. They also bring them information and tasteful visuals about one’s products and services.

What is the scope of digital marketing?

These are the subdomains of digital marketing which are going to expand in the future and which are going to drive the progress of digital marketing –

  1. Analytics

Earlier, the analysis was carried out after releasing the advertisement or the content. A digital marketer would publish an advertisement or a piece of content. After that they would carry out an analysis of its performance and impact a few weeks after the release date.

But now with the advent of sophisticated marketing tools and advanced computer science algorithms. Digital marketers are able to carry out real-time analyses of the performance. They can also analyze the impact of their advertisements and content. Any decent digital marketing course teaches about marketing analytics.

  1. Social media influencers –

An unfortunate fact is that many companies around the world have lost their potential customers’ trust completely. Now the customers have grown weary of them. One can learn how to avoid this by taking a PGP in Digital Marketing course.

Now many companies have started to take the help of social media influencers to market their products and services. Social media influencers are those people whose channels on social media have a large number of followers. They interact with the owner of the channel frequently. These social media influencers actually use the product or service. Then they post honest and frank reviews of it on their social media channels. Thus garnering much more trust and connection with the company’s potential customers.

  1. Omni-channel marketing –

Nowadays it has come to the point that if a company does not have a presence on every major online digital platform, it is a black mark on their reputation. This is how ubiquitous online digital platforms have become. Now companies are expected to engage in an approach which is known as omnichannel marketing.

In this approach, a company creates content that is specialized for every different digital platform. For instance, if a company creates an advertisement for television. They should also create separate advertisements specialized and optimized for other channels such as YouTube and Facebook. One can learn how to do this by getting a  Digital marketing certification.

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic –

The COVID-19 pandemic created huge opportunities for digital marketers, however devastating it was for the world at large. The whole world stopped going out of their homes and accessed all the information they required online. This created a huge increase in internet and electronic media usage and consumption. Also, it increased the field of opportunities for digital marketers

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