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RTL compatibility in Progressive Web Apps

Because of technological changes, the Middle East market is also evolving at a rapid pace. With the growth in online presence, the need for RTL is increasing. Many developers face problems while converting the website into RTL. RTL are those languages that are read from right to left, such as Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu, etc. While converting the Website to RTL compatible Progressive Web App It consists of specific changes in the development process and this might get difficult for developers. Because they need to consider specific details in the mind during development.

It is getting difficult day by day for many eCommerce businesses to stay in the market. So it is important for them to make their PWA mobile app interactive for customers to generate more revenue. Providing various features like RTL in the website makes your customers connect with you more. It also provides convenience to the customers to connect with Progressive Web App Maker in an efficient and effective way.

Knowband is the eCommerce brand that develops plugins for the platform like OpenCart, Magento, Magento 2, and WooCommerce, etc. Knowband consists of RTL compatibility for almost all platforms. IT is important to have RTL compatibility in your PWA Mobile App for business growth. RTL content affects the direction of the text written in the PWA mobile app. Along with that, some icons and image direction also get affected by it. Adding the RTL element into the PWA mobile app makes the whole website mirrored.

Benefits of RTL in PWA for eCommerce

If you want to get the competitive edge then you must implement current technology changes in your eCommerce PWA Mobile App. RTL compatibility in the PWA app enhances your market and makes you stay ahead of the competitors. Giving your customer’s shopping ease attracts more users and increases your revenue. There are some points that we have mentioned below to let you know about RTL benefits in detail.

Removes language barriers-

RTL helps eCommerce PWA Mobile App in better customer engagement. IT eliminates all the language barriers of the particular region. It allows you to interact with your customers easily. RTL allows customers to read the content of web apps in a better way. The customers will easily understand the website content and this will improve business sales. It removes all language boundaries that exist in a certain location of the world.

Better conversions-

Most of the eCommerce businesses are using a Global language like English that makes their target market rigid. Even after launching an eCommerce Progressive Web App in the targeted region, they are not able to generate more sales. The reason behind it is that the companies are not adapting their local and regional languages and that decreases the customers’ interaction. Many middle eastern people do not know English and as a result, they don’t relate to the PWA mobile app. The company should work on both writing style LTR and RTL to eliminate the cultural and language differences. Businesses must allow customers to change the web app language according to their willingness.

Customer interaction-

In today’s era, It is important for eCommerce businesses to adapt to multiple languages in their PWA Mobile App Builder. This gives a competitive advantage and more potential buyers. Relaying on languages like English doesn’t always work, companies need something extra to attract more customers. Many people in the target audience don’t know English, so many companies end up losing their potential customers. LTR might work very well for many countries but including RTL will allow you to target more international customers. Companies can create strong bonds with customers by implementing their regional language in the PWA mobile app.

Customer engagement-

Customers are more likely to get engaged in your web app if they find their native language in the app. The native language feature will definitely attract customers. Customers also look upon multiple features you are offering in your eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder. But nowadays every app is doing the same thing. RTL is what makes you different from others. Customer engagement also depends upon your other website factors. But having RTL support in your web app definitely gives you a competitive edge.

More target market-

With RTL, companies have the benefit of targeting more segments and improving their market growth. RTL has its own customer base and businesses can get benefits from that. Billions of people are aware of RTL and not implementing it in your Progressive Web App Builder you can end up losing all of them. This feature should be included in your web app because it persuades customers to purchase more. And allow businesses to reach their target audience with very little effort.


Magento, OpenCart, Magento 2, and WooCommerce are just a few of the e-commerce platforms for which Knowband creates plugins. Knowband is comprised of RTL compatibility for nearly all platforms. It is essential to have RTL compatibility in your PWA Mobile App if you want to see your company grow. The direction of the text written in the web application is affected by RTL content. It also has an impact on the design of some symbols and the direction of some images.

By implementing RTL in the Progressive Web App Creator you can get the benefits of all these points. Knowband allows businesses to easily incorporate RTL support in their eCommerce business for the most requested platforms like PrestaShop, Magento, Magento 2, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. knowband helps you to eliminate the language difference and allow you to target a wider audience. For more information, send us an email at

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