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Rockspace WIFI extender login AC750

Rockspace ap.setup WIFI extenders have been engineered to deliver extraordinary levels of performance, power and flexibility. The WIFI extender is designed such that one can use it in large homes and offices. The AC750 brings unrivalled, simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi to your home and office. It brings your home up to 10,000 square feet of WIFI signal coverage which is the same size. This Rockspace ap.setup login with AC750 not only boosts the wireless area of your house but delivers an industry-leading speed of up to 600Mbps for flexible streaming videos.

Rockspace Ap.setup features

  • Rockspace ap.setup has continued to build pace in the WIFI router industry.
  • It has some of the best innovative and power amplifying technology.
  • The AC750M is an ideal product for any consumer. Do you want a high-performance to outfit their entire home and backyard?
  • To get the http://apsetup WIFI extender management page of your Rockspace AC750 WIFI extender, locate a placement area.
  • Select the area where you introduce the range extender significantly.
  • The best place to position your Rockspace AC750 WIFI extender is between your Wi-Fi switch and other wireless devices.
  • Make some wired connections before you can continue Rockspace login to your range extender.

Rockspace AC750 Setup steps

The https://ap.setup is a web link that takes you to the Basic home page of your router. You have to perform a task to open a web browser. And then enter https://ap.setup. Get a high-power WIFI extender as excellent WIFI extenders among all other routers in the market today. In this blog, we will cover some login steps for the Rockspace AC750 WIFI range extender. And it includes Rockspace ap.setup, Rockspace ap.setup login.

  • Hardwire Setup

  1. Foremost, you have to fix the receiving wires of your router, Computer and range extender.
  2. Hook the provided high addition antenna by fixing them into the receiving wires connectors of the WIFI extender.
  3. Connect your Rockspace AC750 WIFI extender into an electrical power socket of the wall.
  4. In this last step, you should connect your PC to the extender and the WIFI to organize in such a way like Rockspace WIFI Extender setupEX_2.4 or Rockspace WIFI Extender setupEX_5.0.
  • Opening the Web browser

  1. You might have been aware of all the login process in detail concerning how to log in to Rockspace AC750M wireless. Now you need to follow the following steps:
  2. In the beginning, you have to connect your PC and tablet, then open an internet browser of your choice.
  3. In the address bar of your internet browser, type in the default login link https://ap.setup.
  4. If the web menu is unable to open, try to attach an IP address into the same location bar of your internet browser, like
  • Rockspace ap.setup Admin Page 

As you enter the login credentials into the login window, the dashboard will appear on your screen. You can observe the present status of your Rockspace WIFI extender from this dashboard. Tap the option [Scan] then you will be able to locate the open systems feature to increase connectivity.

  • Scanning for the Network

  1. After scanning, results will give you the review of the entire accessible 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz
  2. http://re.rockspace.local systems is the WIFI system setup your range extender.
  3. Select the wireless network that you need to repeat for the process.
  4. Select both the wireless bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. And then arrange each of these wireless frequency bands.
  5. Click on by and proceed to the subsequent stage of Rockspace ap.setup.
  • Rockspace ap.setup Network Security Settings

Have you enabled the wireless security system in your wireless setup? We instruct you to enter a security key. If you chose to enter a separate username and password for both the wireless bands 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz, enter both the security keys for each wireless band. Enter the security key in the required places. And then click the [long side] key and the go-ahead to the next stage.

Steps to reset your Rockspace AC750 WIFI extender  

  1. Reset your Rockspace range extender via the Reset key requires some physical actions.
  2. It is an easy and quick method.
  3. Locate the reset button at the rear panel of your Rockspace WIFI extender.
  4. Use a paper pin or any pointed object to press this reset button very.
  5. Put that paper pin or a toothpick into the small hole to press the reset button.
  6. Press that reset button and hold it for ten seconds and then relieve.
  7. Until the LED light on your Rockspace AC750 WIFI extender starts flashing, you have to wait.

The physical layout of your Rock space WIFI extender setup in your WIFI network can have an impact on the signal strength of your router. You have to optimize the entire layout of the wireless devices to ensure the strongest possible signal. Metal and large wooden objects like washing machines, wooden walls, refrigerators, wardrobes, and file cabinets between the router and the Rockspace extender can also cause a reduction in signal strength. Moreover, some Construction materials like walls, concrete, bricks and glass items can cause so much signal interference that it reduces the power of your Ap.setup/login signal.


The effect of signal interference amplifies when you have multiple walls between the router and the Rockspace Extender. WIFI repeaters are the devices that not only increase your WIFI signal range but boost WIFI speed also. After adding a Rockspace WIFI extender to the WIFI network, you can add repeaters and access additional computers, cellphones, tablets and gaming systems. It provides a balanced layout to your WIFI network.

The flashing LED light on your Rockspace WIFI extender indicates that your wireless range extender is in its previous default configurations. The Rockspace WIFI extender is the best choice for all types of WIFI users, not because of its price but its standard WIFI range, features, connectivity, etc.  With Re.rockspace.local setup has the direct authority to get ap.setup Smart Setup wizard. In case of any problem or an access error, directly call our customer care executive. We are ready to help you in all cases. Whether it is Rockspace ap.setup not working or how to connect to the network.



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