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React Native vs Xamarin: Step by Step Guide


React Native and Xamarin are extraordinary tools for mobile application development.

However, which one is better?

Which one would be an ideal choice for your work?

In this post, we’ll attempt to address these inquiries and provide you with a brief correlation of React Native versus Xamarin.

Introduction to React Native and Xamarin

React Native

It is an incredible mobile application development structure created by Facebook and delivered in March 2015. It’s an open-source tool.

To construct a React Native application, developers need to code in JavaScript and React, so great information on these innovations is required. If you are looking to increase your revenue through mobile apps, you should hire react native developer for your development needs.

Official site: facebook.github.io/react-native


Xamarin is a mobile application development structure created and delivered by Novell in 2011, and later obtained by Microsoft in 2016. An open-source instrument can be utilized to assemble the two Windows, iOS, and Android applications.

To develop a Xamarin application, developers need to code in C#.

Official site: visualstudio.microsoft.com/xamarin


React Native execution

It gives close native execution, which means the applications worked with it are quick.

It permits developers to utilize code, subsequently, portions of the application are worked with native code and the remainings with it  — the Facebook application was implicit along these lines. The utilization of native code extraordinarily works on the general exhibition.

Xamarin execution

Xamarin likewise gives a close native presentation. It utilizes platform-explicit equipment speed increase to give extraordinary application speed.

Development Environment

React Native

React provides developers with a ton of adaptability. They can choose any IDE/word processor for their work.

There is an incredible number of good IDEs and content tools accessible on the Internet, like Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Nuclide, Vim Editor, GNU Emacs Editor, so they can pick whatever they feel generally alright with.


To build a Xamarin application, developers need to work in Visual Studio. That is the main choice accessible. It gives an Integrated Development Environment and gives numerous valuable devices, controls, and designs that simplify mobile application development and smoother.

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Development speed

React Native

The Hot Reloading highlight in React speeds up. Because of this element developers can immediately reload the application without the need to aggregate it.


Development devices in Visual Studio accelerate the development interaction on account of pre-assembled controls and designs.


React Native

The well known mobile applications that utilization this structure are Facebook, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram, F8, Facebook Analytics, Skype, Pinterest, Bloomberg, Uber, Walmart, Tesla, Artsy, Chop, Discord, Vogue, and that’s just the beginning.


Xamarin is additionally utilized by numerous extraordinary organizations and new businesses including Honeywell, slack, BOSCH, Cognizant, and jetBlue.

Community support

React Native

It has solid help from the designer local area. There are a colossal number of learning materials accessible on the Internet for React.

As of writing this post, Google gives 13,700,000 outcomes.


Xamarin likewise has incredible local area support.

As of writing this post, there are 6,090,000 outcomes for ‘Xamarin instructional exercise’ on Google.

For the two systems, there’s a tremendous measure of top notch help accessible on the Internet.

React Native versus Xamarin – Which is better?

Rather than asking which system is better, ask yourself which one would be an ideal choice for your activities.

Investigate the correlation factors like:

  • Execution
  • Versatility
  • Expectation to learn and adapt
  • Development speed


Then again, assuming your developers are more knowledgeable about C#, choosing Xamarin would be an insightful choice as they will actually want to rapidly learn it and feel more normal working with it.

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