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Raku Yamura scored 9 points and Wizards were desperate to advance to the playoff

Wizards play Nets in the second NBA restart game. He made a good start to 11-2 in the 4th minute but lacked momentum and was pushed to the end to lose 110-118. Although he became an ace in the Wizards series of injured people, Raku Yamura finished with 9 goals and failed.

Nets is 8th, while Wizards is 9th at the East Conference. It was a match that could not be defeated in order to advance to the playoffs in the other side, and so was Nets. From the start of the match, Yamura decides the pass without holding the ball for a long time, and prioritizes the ball turning by the team rather than attacking individually. There was good play such as assisting Thomas Bryant’s 3-point shot from the fast development, but it was Nets’s aim not to let Yamura attack.

Experienced Lance Thomas keeps Yamura away from the ball with a relentless mark even off the ball. Bryant’s chances increased as he was wary of Hachimura, but he made a good shot, but if Ace’s score didn’t increase, the team would not gain momentum.

Last 5 minutes tied. From here, the difference in ace appears in the score. Nets collected the ball with Caris Rubert and scored efficiently, but Wizards couldn’t score because Bryant, who was the most wary of the opponent, aimed at an impossible finish. It was a time when Yamura wanted to score points, but his opponent’s fierce mark remained the same, and he couldn’t get on the wave again, as he made an unnecessary foul due to a mistake in cooperation with Bryant in the defense.

With 1 minute and 9 seconds remaining, he took the ball with high pressure and turned into a haste, and Yamura, who jumped in front of the goal earlier than the opponent’s defense, struck a dunk shot, connecting the hope to 106-112 and reversing. In the following session, Lubert screwed a jump shot and took a rest. The final score was 110-118, surpassed by Nets, who created a situation where Ace Rubert could attack in the fourth quarter.

Yamura recorded 9 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal and 1 block. Two of the six field goals were successful, and the number of shots themselves was low, so the consciousness of turning the pass and attacking the team resulted in Yamura’s weakness. After the match, Yamura himself said, “I kept it so that it would be difficult for me to do it. I came to double teams and triple teams, and I had few chances.” Netz said he was suffering from the defense.

Wizards, who lost the direct confrontation, are 7 games behind Nets. At the end of the regular season, if he is within 4 games from 8th place, he will advance to the playoff decision game, but Wizards should continue to play against strong powers from here, and it should be seen that there is almost no possibility. Head coach Scott Brooks admits that “it’s really difficult to play against one of the league’s best teams,” and at the same time “commits players to growth and to fighting without giving up.”

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Tomorrow will be against the Pacers. Raku Yamura was already aware of the “next”, saying, “I’m very disappointed, but I’ll have another match soon, so I’d like to switch.”

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