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Process For Obtaining A Personal Loan

Obtaining a personal loan has become easier and faster as the fintech industry has grown. Know more about process for obtaining instant personal loans with Everyday Loan India.

You used to go through a lengthy loan application process and wait months to acquire the loan you wanted just a decade ago. Today, however, you may apply for a loan online and have the money deposited directly into your bank account.

You are getting a personal loan used to include going to a bank branch, filling out a form, and presenting paper copies of documents like identification, residence proof, income proof, credit report, and so on. Today, utilizing any of the most acceptable online loan applications available on the Play Store or App Store, you can apply for an online loan in minutes and upload essential documents.

You can use online eligibility calculators to see if you’re eligible for a loan. Then, in a couple of minutes, lenders can verify your credit score and analyze your eligibility for a loan. Thanks to the online loan application, the loan processing time has been cut in half!

While you can apply for a loan online and have the funds transferred to your bank account the same day, you must be aware of the benefits and drawbacks to make an informed selection. Nevertheless, there are some things you should be notified of before applying for a loan.

Advantages of obtaining a personal loan

The subsequent are some of the benefits of taking out a personal loan:

First, applying for a loan is quick and straightforward.

Many banks, NBFCs, and digital lenders offer instant personal loans. You can apply for a loan online and upload the relevant papers electronically utilizing their online loan apps. In addition, the number of documents necessary is modest, and the loan application process is quick. Therefore, a personal loan is a popular borrowing choice when cash is needed quickly.

Flexibility in the final application of monies

You do not have to tell the lender why you need the money when applying for a personal loan. On the other hand, a home improvement loan must be used specifically for the construction of a house or related reasons; personal loans, on the other hand, can be used for any purpose.

There is no need for a security deposit.

As previously stated, because a personal loan is an unsecured loan, no guarantee or collateral is required to obtain one. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about losing any assets in the event of a disaster.

A tenure that can be changed

When applying for a personal loan, you have the option of selecting the loan length. A maximum of 5 years of tenure is available. A shorter-term will result in a lower interest rate, but it will also result in greater EMIs. As a result, you must excerpt the best decision possible based on your EMI payment affordability.

The disadvantages of taking out a personal loan

The following are some of the drawbacks of taking out a personal loan:

Interest rates that are too high

Personal loans have a high-interest rate than secured loans because they are unsecured. Lenders take a more significant risk when giving personal loans because they don’t require collateral. The interest rate you are provided is determined by various factors, including your loan, income, credit score, and the amount of EMIs you can pay. When you apply for an immediate personal loan, you will have to pay processing costs once again.

There’s a chance you’ll get caught in a debt trap.

Because personal loans are comfortable to obtain, even if you have a decent credit score, you may find yourself in debt if you take out too much money or too many loans. In addition, when a significant portion of your monthly income is spent on EMIs, your financial situation deteriorates.


A personal loan is an attractive option if you need money immediately and can repay it over a medium period. However, because its rates are higher, you should carefully manage your budget before taking a personal loan. Nevertheless, if you do your homework, assess your needs, and plan your repayment, a personal loan might be a valuable tool for you.

Now that you know what you need to know before asking for a personal loan and the benefits and drawbacks apply for a fast personal loan from Everyday Loan India. Everyday Lending India, one of the best online loan apps in the country, offers instant loans of up to Rs. 5 lakh.


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