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PHP VS. JAVASCRIPT – Which Technology to Choose?

Some programmers believe that it is unnecessary to debate the differences between PHP and JavaScript as they have different uses in website development. The choice between PHP or JavaScript in website development is easy: PHP is a server-side scripting language while JavaScript is a client-side scripting language.

To create dynamic web pages, PHP and JavaScript can be used. JavaScript can now be used to program server-side applications with the advent of Node.js development and Angular.js. With Javascript jobs and PHP jobs on the rise, PHP vs. JavaScript is now a hot topic. Let’s take a look at the differences between JavaScript and PHP.


PHP is a server-side programming language. It is used by most websites, making it one of the most widely used web technologies. It allows developers to create dynamically-executed web pages. PHP has the right tools and methods to allow PHP programmers to create feature-rich web pages as well as database-driven websites. It allows for high-level interactive websites, such as photo galleries and login pages. PHP is an open-source language that can be used on any operating system, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. PHP is simple to learn and easy to use as a programming language.


It’s a lightweight programming language also known as client-side scripting. It allows you to create dynamic and interactive web pages using browsers. It is also used to create interactive and dynamic web pages. Node.js or Angular.js allows you to create websites that do more than just request files. This saves time and doesn’t require recompilation.

Based on Speed and Performance:


JavaScript’s I/O execution mechanism is event-driven, single-threaded, and non-blocking. This paradigm is made possible by Node clustering and the event loop.

Node.js can execute the entire code in one go, without waiting for specific functions to finish. JavaScript is the perfect solution for streaming platforms that require low latency. Node.js is further accelerated by the V8 engine, persistent connection, and call-back method.


PHP is distinguished by its multi-threaded blocking I/O execution mechanism. PHP is an asynchronous language, which is not JavaScript. PHP is much slower than JavaScript because the second line cannot be executed until the first one has been completed.

Although PHP is slower than JavaScript in terms of performance, some argue PHP is more stable. This benefit is not fully demonstrated and is somewhat hazy.

Based on Extensibility:


HTML, XML, and Ajax can all be used in conjunction with JavaScript.

There are many great JavaScript frameworks. It’s hard to keep up with them all, as new ones appear all the time.

Vue, Angular, and React are three of the most widely used front-end JS technologies. However, Keen Ethics believes that Svelte has a bright future.

Node.js, the most widely used server-side framework, is Node.js. Your choice of the framework can impact the speed and cost of your development as well as the technical characteristics of your project.

Node.js is preconfigured with NPM (Node Packaging Manager) when it comes to package managers. NPM (Node Package Manager) is the largest software registry in the world and greatly simplifies the lives of developers.


PHP can only be used in conjunction with HTML.

The main benefit of PHP is its availability of content management systems (CMSs), such as WordPress or Drupal. These technologies can greatly simplify web development and possibly reduce costs. PHP can be expanded by any LAMP stack technology or server solutions such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

PEAR and Composer, two packages managers for PHP. PEAR (PHP Extension & Application Repository) is an open-source PHP code library that uses a hierarchical framework. PHP dependency management system is Composer.

Based on Universality:


JavaScript is an open-source programming language. This is the most important advantage over PHP. JS versus PHP comparisons often claims JavaScript is only for the front end. However, this is false. JavaScript is the only skill you will need to build a complete web or mobile application. Keen Ethics’ knowledge backs up this assertion: As a JS-focused company, we create unique online and mobile solutions using JavaScript.


PHP excels at back-end development. PHP is also part of the LAMP stack. This stack stances PHP, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python. To build a web application using this technology stack, Tips on hiring a PHP developer must know four different syntax systems as well as HTML and CSS. Swapping languages can be cumbersome, wasteful, and increase the learning curve.



JavaScript can be hosted on a dedicated server which makes it ideal for large applications. You can use it to create the front and back ends of almost any type of software application such as 3D games or AR/VR solutions, IoT goods, and so forth.


PHP is a general-purpose language but it is most often used to create dynamic web pages. PHP is the best choice for blogs, learning management systems, and eCommerce websites because of the availability of PHP-based content management software such as Moodle or WordPress.

Based on Learning Curve:


JavaScript is much more difficult to learn PHP than JavaScript. It is easy to create a server by creating a one.php file, adding a few lines of code in tags, and then pasting the URL into your browser tab.

PHP quirks like the inconsistency of functions or return values are easier to understand and master than JavaScript quirks.


It is easy to install JavaScript, namely Node.js on the server-side. It is more difficult to learn than PHP. An experienced JS developer needs more knowledge than a PHP developer.

But, it will be worth the effort and time you put into JavaScript. JavaScript is much more versatile than PHP so it’s worth learning.


It is important to do extensive research before you decide on which programming language to use. JavaScript is a powerful full-stack programming language. However, PHP is still the best back-end language. Combining the two languages would create a solid dynamic web application development. If you still can’t make up your mind, talk with Soft Suave’s experienced project managers now!

We can’t say which technology is better or the other. It’s up to you and your projects.

Prabin Samuel

Prabin Samuel is a success-driven creative and technical content writer at Soft Suave, having expertise in the web and mobile app development industry. The enthusiasm towards growth and research made Prabin an expert in forecasting the future of the web and mobile app development industry.

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