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PC Spy App to Secretly Spy on Kids & Employees Computer

Spy on PC sounds like hacking or keeping a secret eye on someone’s activities. Although, it is illegal to track and hack anyone’s personal data by getting hidden access over their PC. In a few cases, it is legal. Like, parents as a guardian have the right to monitor their kids secretly. Similarly, employers as owners have the right to track their employees’ working routines.

A question quickly arises, what can be the reason to spy on someone’s activities on their PC? well, there can be vast reasons like an employee’s gossips with colleagues during working hours, kids found in visiting inappropriate sites and watching harmful videos. To reduce parents’ curiosity and to help the employer in the growth of the business, TheOneSpy offers advance PC spy apps comprise of outstanding surveillance features.

Let’s talk about TOS PC spy app uniqueness and reasons for popularity.

TheOneSpy PC Spy App

Since TOS came into the spy market, it has spread like a storm. Especially, parents and employers are getting huge out of it. TheOneSpy is a protective app that empowers parents to save their kids’ future and enables the employer to maintain and higher its business productivity level.

TOS surveillance tools keep users’ privacy and provide the exact information that users require. A user can monitor all functions performed by a targeted person on their system. In this way, the users get to know so many secrets of their loved one/employee as well.

TheOneSpy Extra Services

Besides that, TOS also facilitates its loyal customers and visitors with their extra services. Some extra free services of TOS are below;

  • TheOneSpy has a 24/7 help desk which gives a satisfying answer to all queries of people all day.
  • TOS also provides all PCs compatible apps at a reasonable price.
  • If someone buys the wrong version app, so they have the flexibility that they can return it in 14 days.
  • Many companies offer special discounts on special events. Similarly, TOS also takes care of its customers, as it also offers discount prices to make our events more special.
  • Mighty alarms also include in the TOS extra services. It allows the users to set an alert on any activity that a targeted person usually performs.
  • TheOneSpy also serves as a user with blocking features. The blocking feature enables the user to block any of the inappropriate activities that the targeted person frequently performs.

Advance Features of TheOneSpy for PC Spying

TheOneSpy has set its unique image in people’s minds as it gives value for money. Its reliable features perform different functions at a time with 100% efficiency. Let’s look at some major surveillance features of TheOneSpy for the PC system.

  • Surrounding Recorder
  • Software usage Timing Tracker
  • Websites Blocker
  • Computer Multimedia Tracker
  • Activity Logs
  • Windows Keylogger
  • E-mails Reader
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Installed Applications/Software Tracker
  • Browsing History Tracker
  • Alarm Logs

Employee Tracking with TheOneSpy PC Spy App

There can be vast reasons when organizations adopt spy technology to spy on their employee’s activities. Some common reasons are listed below.

  • An individual employee shows a lack of performance.
  • The employee shows aggression or sadness, might be he/she has some personal issues with anyone which he/she discussed on social accounts or Skype calls as well.
  • The employee starts taking an interest in inappropriate activities like visiting useless sites, doing other tasks during duty, watching a movie or other useless videos in working hours.
  • Sometimes, employees found in sharing company secret data with a competitor or with an unknown for the sake of some reward.
  • The organization also uses tracking software to evaluate individual weekly, monthly or yearly performance.

Kid’s tracking with TheOneSpy PC Spy App

Parent’s basic aim of spying is to prevent kids from wrongdoings and to protect them from harmful things. Parents want to;

  • Listen to the kids’ surrounding voices.
  • Know their kid’s secret friends.
  • Make sure that no one is threatening or harassing their kids.
  • Check how much their kids are sincere with them.


Whether to spy on kid/ teenager or employee, TOS PC Spy app is powerful surveillance that performs spying job very well. A user can know about the situation at anywhere just with Internet connectivity. TOS helps businesses to maintain their goodwill and parents to sustain their kids on their path.

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