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Kids and Teens

One App That Will Help to Improve Math of your Kid

The Quizopedia?

Let me start this review by talking about The Quizopedia. Basically, it’s a website devoted, and I mean devoted, to developing a child’s cognition through quizzes.

This concept was interesting to me mainly because of the potential it carries. I found that they had made quizzes for many things like world flags, current affairs, famous Indian personalities, grammar, language, etc.

Now, I’m someone who’s always on the move, so naturally, I had to download their app.


The total size of the app is 33.47MB. I have an inbuilt malware scanner on my phone, so the app checks out as safe.

The app asks you to register, you can do this through Facebook, via Google or directly through the app. Since it is designed for children in Primary, Upper Primary, Middle and Secondary stages, you will have to select your class.

Once the registration is complete, the app opens on to a genuinely interesting section called “On This Day”. Basically, every significant event throughout history that occurred on that day, is recorded. Bold move, very informative, definitely helpful for children.

The Quiz

Let’s move on to the actual juice of the app, its quizzes. The app has a specific section called quiz. In it, they have a collection of 100 quizzes that aren’t subject-specific.

I attempted two of these and the questions ranged from general knowledge to sports. Although I didn’t get all my 20 answers right, what I liked was the fact that I could download my results, which came with the right answers to the ones I got wrong.

What I understood was that this section was designed to test your knowledge, which you have to build by visiting the practice section.

The practice section has various categories that you can choose from, I chose math. Not because I’m fond of math, but to test if I could learn something.

I found the questions to be varied and genuinely didn’t feel like they were taken out of a textbook. They were refreshingly original and made me work my brain, which I must admit did need the exercise.

The questions are designed to make your think and research, so I do believe that children will benefit from this as it does promote outside the box thinking. Which I will always advocate.

After debating and getting plenty of wrong answers, the 15-question mock test was complete. I can truthfully say that children in their classrooms may not necessarily come across the questions found in this quiz.

A Final Word

The Quizopedia I think has done a great job with this quiz because the questions made me use basic formulas to complex ones to solve the problems.

It feels like the app purposely presents children with a difficult question to encourage research. To ask the “why” and to find the answer for themselves thus building cognition.

Therefore as the last word, I can confirm one fact. The exposure children will get through the app will undoubtedly make them smarter.

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