Offer online bookings with the Prestashop Booking and Rental System Addon

Prestashop Booking and Rental System Addon is an outstanding option for transforming your online store into a well-managed online booking system. Further, that allows consumers to shop for bookable products or services. Why? To meet evolving company demands and customer expectations. In fact, everything can happen with a single click with this Prestashop Booking System by Knowband. For instance, bus reservations, rental cars or bikes, medical appointments, treatment services, movie ticket bookings, hotel room bookings, and aircraft tickets.

What does the Prestashop Booking and Rental System Addon do?

The purchasing trend has evolved from web to mobile commerce over time. Thus, internet customers have abandoned their old methods of booking and receiving services in favor of the Online Booking System. Users can order a preferred service or product at their leisure with our eCommerce Booking System. That’s incredible, isn’t it? Start generating extra cash for your online business by adding this Prestashop Reservation And Booking Module.

Stunning highlights of the Prestashop Booking and Rental System Addon

  1. Add as many reservation items or services as you like

Prestashop Booking System by Knowband enables you to build as many daily rental items, hourly rental products, appointments, and hotel reservation services as you want sans having to learn any code.

  1. Calculation of the booked product’s price

The Prestashop Service Booking module allows you to define a starting pricing for items and services that are bookable. In fact, you can set custom pricing for each date/time slot using the Prestashop Reservation And Booking Module. Further, that is added to the initial price upon checkout. Customers must pay for their personalized bookings provided to their house or a local branch in this manner.

  1. Special pricing rules should be displayed

You can set booking price rules for a specific booking product with the Prestashop Booking and Rental System Addon. These unique pricing rules provide set reductions for a specified period or date.

  1. Order management is simple

The Prestashop Reservation system module has an easy-to-use back-end interface that allows you to simply monitor and manage a list of booking orders, rental goods, and appointments.

  1. Indicate the location of the booking service

This Prestashop Booking and Rental System Addon offer the ability to add a Google map API key. You can pin the coordinates relating to every reservation service, booking product, and other rental service. Further, after the key establishes and connects with the website.

  1. Allow for certain days when service is available

The Prestashop Booking Calendar plugin allows you to choose when days the rental services will be inaccessible to online clients. With the Prestashop Booking System, you can quickly disable day slots for special days.

  1. Check whether there is any stock available

Customers can set the number of booking products/services required on the given schedule with the Prestashop Event Booking plugin. They must choose another date/schedule for service delivery if the entered quantity is unavailable for the specified date/time. The different combinations of quantity and delivery dates affect the pricing.

  1. Booking facilities are easily mappable

From the backend, the Prestashop Booking and Rental System Addon allow you to establish an endless number of booking options. These services can then be linkable to existing booking items. As a result, anytime a consumer examines the product details, the specified features will appear on the same product page.

  1. Make several date/time slots

Using this Prestashop Reservation And Booking Module, you can present several dates and time windows for each booking or rental product on which that specific service or product is accessible for online consumers to rent.

  1. Multiple photos can be attached

You can upload and show various photos of the booked goods or services to offer a better and pictorial knowledge of the product. These photographs can be shown in whatever sequence you like. Moreover, you can use this Prestashop Booking Calendar extension to choose a cover image.

  1. Features of Compatibility

The Prestashop Booking and Rental System Addon work with a variety of dialects and stores. Because it has a mobile-responsive UI, this Prestashop Online Booking System works wonderfully on mobile and tablet devices.


The Prestashop Booking and Rental System Addon by Knowband is a great way to offer rental services to your customers. In fact, you can easily do that with the module. Thus, you can contact us at for your answers.

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