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Nutritional Benefits Of Pure Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is an organic and unsweetened superfood made from cocoa beans obtained from the “Theobroma cacao L” plant. It adds great flavor and fragrance to your diet. 

Not only pure cocoa powder is a rich addition to your well-balanced meal, but also has amazing nutritional value. It consists of multiple essential nutrients such as protein, minerals, fiber carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins, and many more. All these nourishing elements provide major health benefits for the proper body functioning. 

We are listing the effective benefits of consuming pure cocoa powder. Keep reading the article and learn more. 

Great Health Benefits Of Pure Cocoa Powder You Should Know

Improves Memory

Polyphenols present in pure cocoa powder raise the blood flow in the cerebral part of the brain. This facilitates the supply of glucose and oxygen to neurons and brain cells. Thus, helping in the well functioning of the body’s nervous system. 

Besides this, cocoa powder also consists of flavonols, the antioxidants that improve memory and visual function. In addition, this unsweetened superfood even increases the flow of blood to the brain cells and releases waste products.

Such an effective activity of both the antioxidants enhances memory, alertness, and the capability to memorize. Hence, cocoa powder efficiently benefits young children and adults. Just have it with a glass of warm milk.

Maintains Blood Pressure

High blood pressure raises the chances of heart disorders like stroke, valve diseases, heart attack, etc. Having a well-balanced diet along with pure cocoa powder helps in decreasing high blood pressure. 

Moreover, this organic superfood also releases flavonoids in the body, thus, increasing the absorption of nitric oxide, a potential vasodilator. Nitric oxide encourages the broadening up of arteries and ensures the smooth flow of blood in the entire body parts. 

Furthermore, it even blocks the production of a vasoconstrictor called “endothelin-1”, an amino-acid peptide that increases blood pressure. Thus, including cocoa powder in your diet routine can be an aid for patients with hypertension.

Uplifts Mood

Generally, pure cocoa powder is linked with emotional comfort. This organic superfood can greatly cheer up the mood and make the person feel active and fresh. The positive impacts are because of the active antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids present in cocoa. 

When you consume cocoa powder with your diet, the brain peptides get released. In addition, cocoa also promotes the release of stress-buster endorphins. These hormones support the body in handling stress and inducing a feeling of joy and well-being. 

You can bake a chocolate bar using cocoa powder to uplift your mood whenever the stress hits. 

Helps With Weight Loss

Adding organic cocoa powder to your daily diet can aid in excess fat loss. It regulates the action of genes involved in the process of breaking down and storing up of fat in the body. 

The polyphenols found in the pure cocoa powder prevents the excess fat accumulation as they block the activity of the enzyme, “pancreatic lipase”. This reduces fat absorption and promotes fat loss in the body. 

As this superfood helps in maintaining a healthy weight, it also relieves inflammation, thus, lowering the risk of obesity. 

Keeps Skin Young

Intaking a cocoa powder that is a great source of polyphenols plays an important role in maintaining good skin health. It increases the huge amount of antioxidants in the skin, protecting against the destruction and damage of free radicals. 

When you consume cocoa-based drinks such as a smoothie with cocoa powder in it, there is more flow of oxygen and blood to the skin. Additionally, it also eliminates the toxic elements from the skin. As a result, you have glowy skin and an improved complexion.

On the other hand, you can also have matcha tea for healthy skin. The ceremonial matcha in Singapore is very famous among dieticians. It is because it consists of antioxidants which protects the skin from the damages of harmful ultraviolet rays. 

Promotes Heart Health

High cocoa powder consumption can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders. Intaking it with your morning diet can lower high blood pressure. Flavonols present in this organic superfood provide vascular protective effects.

Further, it prevents blood clotting and assures the blood flow easily and all over the body without any pressure on the heart. Therefore, people struggling with heart disease should add pure cocoa to their diet.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Using cocoa powder in food or smoothies can lower the bad cholesterol level. It prevents fat absorption from the food you consume. As a result, the risk of building up bad cholesterol in the walls of arteries decreases. 

Besides this, the nutrient-rich polyphenols in cocoa block the production of bad cholesterol in the liver. Generally, the cholesterol that comes with the food releases into the liver. If its accumulation is too much, there is a high risk of fatty liver infections. 

On the other hand, cocoa powder boosts the level of “good cholesterol” which removes the excess cholesterol from the blood. 

Maintains High Blood Sugar Level

Oxidative stress is the major reason for the decline of insulin in the blood. Flavonols in cocoa powder increase insulin by varying glucose metabolism and preventing oxidative stress. In addition, the potential of this unsweetened superfood is reducing heart disorders in a person struggling with diabetes mellitus. 

Moreover, the catechin and epicatechin found in cocoa inhibit the action of the enzyme, alpha-glucosidase whose role is to convert carbohydrates into glucose. As a result, there is no glucose absorption in the intestine and its release in blood. Consequently, there is a decline in the blood sugar level, thus maintaining diabetes. 

Prevents A Cancer

The main risk factors of cancer are oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. A pure cocoa powder has a high content of procyanidins and catechins, the flavonoids that fight off inflammation and oxidative stress. Thus, protecting against the development of cancer.

Both the compounds prevent the growth and expansion of cancer cells and block them to reach other healthy body organs. Cocoa powder also provides strong antioxidant effects that reduce the build up of a supportive environment for the growth of cancer cells.

Aids Asthma

Consuming pure cocoa powder on a daily basis reduces the risk of an asthma attack. This organic superfood consists of anti-asthmatic compounds- theophylline and theobromine. 

Both the elements are a great aid for continuous coughing. They allow the lungs to broaden, airways to calm, and lower overall inflammation. Hence, relieving from asthma.

Fights Off Bacterial Infections

Organic cocoa powder has anti-bacterial agents- polyphenols and flavonoids. These potent compounds prevent the formation and movement of bacteria in the whole body.

Polyphenols present in cocoa reduce the toxic impact of bacteria by blocking the interaction of the healthy cells and harmful bacteria. Besides this, flavonoids relieve inflammation and protect against bacterial infection.

Strengthens Immune System

When you consume cocoa powder in high quantities, it boosts the immune system. A body can fight against certain health issues like lung problems, heart diseases, and many more. 

The cocoa powder consists of antioxidants called flavonoids, protecting the cells from getting damaged due to the excessive oxidation processes. As a consequence, the body can resist infections. 

Protects From Tooth Diseases

The pure cocoa powder has anti-bacterial and anti-enzymatic properties which maintain overall oral health. It prevents tooth decay, gum diseases, and dental cavities. 

In addition, this superfood consists of a cyanoborohydride(CBH) compound that hardens the enamel and prevents tooth decay problems.

Summing Up

We hope you get the health benefits of pure cocoa powder in a detailed manner. From reducing inflammation, enhancing mood, improving skin texture, relieving asthma, strengthening the immune system, and maintaining blood pressure to much more effectiveness, this superfood works wonders. 

So, do add it to your diet, and experience its great advantages in a few months. 



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