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Newborn Checklist: What to Pack in a Hospital Bag

The arrival of a new member in the family, surely is an exciting and life-changing experience.

Getting closer to the big day may bring panic, so keeping sane during that hectic time is definitely a challenge. It can also be hard to remember the things you need to pack before the little one arrives, so it is a must to have your baby hospital bag organized and filled with newborn baby needs. Especially when you need to go to the hospital earlier than the given due date. This checklist will break down the items for you all in one place to help you prepare everything. 

Blankets and Apparel 

As we all know, newborn babies need to be kept warm, and this calls for clothes or blankets that are cozy and that will give comfort to your little one. Although hospitals are very warm, your baby may need another layer of clothes when they are born. This can be in the form of onesies, pajamas, socks or soft booties, mittens, or a hat. 

It’ll be best to shop ahead of time for clothes that won’t harm your newborn baby’s sensitive skin. Look for clothes tagged infant in size or those recommended for 0-6 months. It’s a plus if they are made of cotton fabric or if they are hooded blankets. 

Hygiene and Toiletries

Hospitals provide these essentials when they bathe the baby but it’s best to bring your own to assure healthy and non-irritated skin for your newborn. A baby cleanser or mild baby shampoo and a soft hairbrush are must-haves. Some babies were born with long nails so you can bring baby nail clippers to keep your gentle ones from scratching themselves. 

Diapers and wipes come in handy as well. If the hospital does not provide these items, you may bring a pack of your preferred or trusted diapers for your baby. If you decide to use clothes in the meantime, consider packing a few of it in a wet bag so you don’t need to wash and wear them. 

Nursery and Sleep

During the hospital stay, newborns are allowed to room-in, this is when the baby stays where he/she feels safest, which undoubtedly at their mother’s side. While you are awake, you can hold your baby in your bed or in the chair, but if you need to rest in a more comfortable position, you may place the baby in the crib next to your bed. 

A small pillow and soft cotton sheets for your baby’s hospital crib with a rubber or water-proof sheet can keep the bed dry. A dry bed is essential for your baby to sleep comfortably.


Breastfeeding is always best for babies, but some moms are incapable of doing this. To be prepared, bring some feeding bottles suited for your newborn. Make sure to check the expiry date of the formula and consult your doctor before buying one. Having a handy thermal bottle carrier is also great to keep your baby’s food warm. 


Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, packing up a few burp cloths for your baby is a great idea since most hospitals, if not all, do not provide you with any. This will be your go-to item when feeding and burping your newborn, which will be helpful especially at times when they spit up while being carried by a loved one who came to visit you.

Going Home essentials 

Keep your baby’s transport safe and comfortable and drive your baby home in a car seat. Protecting your newborn’s head, shoulders and waist are of the utmost importance. Install this ahead of time and learn how to properly buckle your baby in and out. 


Choose a car seat that can easily grow with your child to save money as well. You will most likely be provided a receiving blanket and hat in the hospital but, when going home, make sure your little one’s outfit is comfortable and suitable with the car seat too. It’s recommended to use pajamas so that the car seat straps can easily fit between them. 

Key Takeaway

Have these newborn baby needs packed in your hospital bag and relax as you are now both belly and bag-ready. Just focus on your stress-free labor, delivery, and recovery. Do not forget to check yourself for early signs of labor since after all, you never know when your little one will make an appearance in this beautiful world.

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