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NEET 2021 – Preparation Tips, Course of Study & Best Books

Complete Information for NEET 2021

This article can facilitate students to understand a crisp strategy to ace NEET 2021. The preparation tips for NEET 2021 mentioned here are clear, concise, tried, and tested.

National Eligibility cum Entrance test is considered among the foremost difficult entry level examinations, not solely it’s a troublesome educational program however additionally involves meticulous verification of candidate’s diligence and zeal towards medication.

NEET 2021 Preparation Strategy

After assembling information regarding the pattern & course of study, candidates ought to build a preparation strategy. It’s vital to strategize in order to structure in an optimal manner. Candidates with a correct set of action will end the entire course of study on time. Here are four tips you need to follow to ace NEET 2021.

NEET 2021 preparation tip 1:

Get through with the course of study, and exam pattern Before starting the NEET 2021 preparation, it’s really important to know the course of study, pattern and sensible books to refer.

  • New Syllabus for NEET Exam 2021 includes 180 questions in total that are divided into 3 components such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Biology section consists of 90 questions in total, whereas Chemistry and Physics contains 45 questions respectively. The utmost marks awarded are 720 that are further divided into 3 components as 360 in Biology, 180 in Chemistry, and 180 in Physics.
  • 4 marks are awarded for each correct answer and one mark is deducted for each wrong answer.
  • Set a target score of a minimum of 650. 
  • Use color codes: Check the topics of all 3 subjects and mark your strongest hold with a green pen and weaker topic with a red pen. This can assist you to segregate the course of study into 2 components and you may be focused on the required part.
  • Also, build an inventory of topics continuing from highest weightage to all-time low weightage followed by biology, then chemistry and physics. By this, you may be ready to cowl a lot of course of study in less time.
  • You are through with the primary level. Information of the course of study, examination pattern and weightage which can assist you formulate a method for NEET 2021 preparation tips.

NEET 2021 preparation tip 2:

start studying

  • Making an idea is straightforward however its execution is what needs strength. Apprehend your handiest hours and begin your NEET 2021 preparation in those hours. so as to arrange for NEET 2021, it’s vital to check for a minimum of twelve hours per day. Having a 650+ in your NEET 2021 needs you to devote 50% of some time in an exceedingly long day to check.
  • Begin with Biology and one different subject at the same time. Begin with learning your strongest topics with the foremost weightage. this manner you may cowl a lot of topics in less time.
  • Read NCERT line by line. Mark important facts with a highlighter and build notes at the same time. Once done with NCERT, begin reading additional study material obtainable within the type of books, and preparation websites. Also, build notes from these references simultaneously.
  • For Biology, learn diagrams by memory to grasp a subject. Diagram assists you retain the knowledge a lot effectively. Diagrams are a major issue for NEET 2021 preparation.
  • For physics, solve as many questions as you can. In addition, make a chapter-wise formula sheet that contains all formulas and laws mentioned within the chapter.
  • For chemistry, learn diagrams and chemical equations by memory. when finishing each chapter, make a sheet for chemical equations and formulas to be utilized while solving the questions.

NEET 2021 preparation tip 3: observe questions

  • Practice as many questions as are doable for all 3 subjects. This can assist you perceive the kind of questions asked from every topic and you may reach closer to the target score.
  • Practising moderately won’t be abundant effective. Build regular sessions and check out to unravel a definite quantity of questions in an exceedingly fastened time. This can assist you overcome the time constraint.
  • Also, build a log and go through all the questions that were tried wrong. This way, you may apprehend your weak points and dealing with them are going to be simple.
  • Take several tests doable. it’s not necessary for the take a look at to be full-length. you’ll take chapter-wise tests inside a restricted quantity of your time.
  • Try to solve previous years question papers inside a definite amount of your time. Resolution to previous years papers could be a great way of practising chapters/topics.

NEET 2021 preparation tip 4: Revision is foremost important

  • All the study and exertions would be of no use if no revision is done. Editing chapters you have got already coated won’t solely assist you retain the knowledge however additionally realize new points that remained overlooked previously.
  • Also, throughout some days before the examination, it might not be doable for you to check all the chapters from scratch. Hence, the practise of revision can assist you to collect all the topics in time. begin editing manner before NEET 2021. Embrace revision slots in some time table beforehand. Build revision habits from the start of the NEET 2021 preparation.


Syllabus: before getting started with the preparation, you must apprehend the syllabus:

Topics from Class 11 Physics Topics from Class 12 Physics
Gravitation Optics
Thermodynamics Atoms and Nuclei
Kinematics Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Physical World and Measurement Electronic Devices
Laws of Motion Electromagnetic Current and Alternating Current
Work, Energy, and Power Current Electricity
Properties of Bulk Matter Electromagnetic Waves
Oscillations and Waves Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory Electrostatics
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
Topics from Class 11 Chemistry Topics from Class 12 Chemistry
Hydrocarbons Alcohols, Phenols and Ether
Hydrogen Biomolecules
Environmental Chemistry Chemistry in Everyday Life
Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles Solid State
s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals) p-Block Elements
Redox Reactions Electrochemistry
States of Matter: Gases and Liquids Surface Chemistry
Equilibrium Solutions
Thermodynamics Chemical Kinetics
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Polymers
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure d- and f-Block Elements
Structure of Atom Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Some p-Block Elements General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Compounds
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Coordination Compounds
Topics from Class 11 Biology Topics from Class 12 Biology
Human Physiology Genetics and Evolution
Cell Structure and Function Biotechnology and its Application
Structural Organization in Plants and Animals Biology and Human Welfare
Diversity and Living World Reproduction
Plant Physiology Ecology and Environment

Here is the list of best books you can refer to get better results but first, give priority to NCERT books.

Physics Chemistry Biology
HC Verma OP Tandon Trueman’s biology
DC Pandey Modern’s abc Objective biology by Dinesh
Fundamental Physics by Pradeep Dinesh chemistry guide Pradeep publication biology
NEET most wanted NEET most wanted NEET most wanted biology
Oswal books Oswal books Oswaal 32 years NEET solved papers
Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov Organic (MS Chauhan) MTG Objective NCERT at your fingertips

All the best!
Team Gradeup

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