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Nature craft ideas for kids you should know about

Nature craft for kids 

Stock up on nature craft ideas for children. This slideshow brings together spring, autumn, or summer activities, easy to make for children with tree leaves, pebbles, shells, branches, nuts. Go quickly for a walk to discover the forest or in your own home. So, Garden! Collect these small natural elements to make crafts of fallen leaves, herbaria, flower wreaths, and even animals with lots of colors from the outside. We put the little moms in the green with this mountain of eco-friendly DIY ideas. You can also teach your kids about easy house drawing from our website. 

Some nature crafts for kids to learn

Paint a pineapple nut

With a bit of yellow paint, it’s easy to transform nuts and winter berries into delicious, super colorful summer dishes with a bit of yellow color! Find all the explanations of this DIY Itty Bitty Pineapples on Studio DIY.

Using tree leaf brushes

Want to paint in the garden? Even more, brushes are needed. A stick, leaves, a piece of tape, and children can paint real works of art. So They will love to use this new natural instrument or even paint directly with their little hands or feet. To learn more about this original activity, look at the tutorial painting with leaves from learn play imagine.

Make a flower wreath.

Who says natural DIY necessarily says pretty flower headband. Little girls love to make daisy bouquets or pick up lots of flowers on walks in the woods or the countryside. Willowday explains how to make this summer wreath. An essential country costume! If you want even more activity ideas with leaves and flowers, take a look at our article!

Making animals with leaves

Here is the activity to transform your children into little Arcimboldo! Collect everything you find in nature to draw animals, landscapes, faces. However, A glue stick or strong glue (depending on the materials used), and you’re done. Discover some inspirations of sheet drawings on Wunderbare-ankle.

Decorate the windows with flower petals

Throw away your old curtains! Also, The new trendy decorative items are flower petals and ferns. A super offbeat idea that we stole from Artfulparent, which changes grandma’s old-fashioned curtains. The best part is that we can make them with the children. Discover this window decoration tutorial with flower petals to give your interior a little poetry.

Make tree leaf confetti.

Thanks to this confetti of tree leaves, you will no longer need to pick up one by one the little pieces of paper that your children threw in the garden during their birthday party (no more ordeal!). Super simple and above all environmentally friendly, this activity idea will delight young and old. We find it so cute that we advise you to use these small shapes to make beautiful collages or decorate your notebooks! More info on tree leaf confetti on Lesbonsplansdegandalf.

Plant a mini Easter garden with eggshells

This small garden is to be planted with the return of Spring, in particular for Easter. Where we use the eggs for crafts in all their forms. So children will love this 100% biological activity because they will see the tiny green leaves coming out. But be careful, for that, you have to remember to water your plants! All the details to make this mini Easter garden with eggshells.

Make textured designs

Children love to touch, rummage and fiddle with anything and everything. They refine one of their five senses: touch. Teach them how to make textured designs with natural material. A tree or leaves, everything is good for making super original and 3D coloring pages. All the explanations of these textured designs on Themagnifyingglass.EZ posting

Painting hazelnut figures

Take out your brushes. Lots of little nuts are waiting to come to life! Blue, pink, green, it’s up to you to decorate them and draw their eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Quick, quick, quick, all the info on these little nutty guys are on Whimsy-love. Kids will love to play with them after painting them.

DIY a terrarium in a jar

Turn a large glass jar into an earthworm paradise! Children will love to put their hands on the earth like little gardeners. The result is aesthetic; So, it can be used as a natural decoration for parents. Advice to budding gardeners, to make an excellent terrarium step by step, go to Arentpretty.

Draw with natural elements

Mixing nature and art is an excellent idea for ​​these charming drawings. However, Here we use leaves, but you can take small pebbles, seashells, or anything that can inspire the children. So, Find plenty of examples of his miniature masterpieces in natural elements on The-sketching-backpacker.

Make a necklace of daisies.

Momes offers you a little tutorial to make this straightforward DIY for little girls who prefer necklaces to flower crowns. All the tips on how to make a daisy chain are on our DIY sheet.

Create a colorful herbarium

We couldn’t do a slide show of nature activities without offering to make a herbarium! This small colorful notebook allows children to recognize trees by their leaves. However, keep the pretty flowers they have found. All the explanations to create this colorful herbarium on Nauticalcottageblog

Painting on feathers

Feathers are natural elements with which it is possible to create lots of Nature craft! A straightforward first idea: to paint them. If your children are meticulous, So, they can make patterns like the above, or if not, cover them with one color. When they’re dry, use them to make Indian costumes or even DIY dreamcatchers. Fly to discover all the explanations to paint on feathers like chefs! 

Tinker with seashells

If you are going to the sea, remember to collect some seashells! When you get back from vacation. So, you can use them to develop lots of Nature craft ideas. Also, If you’re short on imagination, immerse yourself in our slideshow of 15 DIY projects for kids with seashells.

Growing plants in a plastic bottle

You don’t even have to buy a glass jar! Just take a plastic bottle that you will cut out and fill it with water and soil. An excellent DIY 100% recycled to occupy the seeds of ecologists. Although Maikonagao shows you how to make plants in a plastic bottle (it’s super easy!). Also, discover all the eco-friendly odds and ends of Momes.

Customize pieces of wood

A few creations of lumber and a few paints later, here you are with personalized decorative accessories, really fashionable and mainly made by your children’s Nature craft! So There is no doubt that they will imagine creations even more beautiful than the little pieces of painted wood by Bonjour Frenchie. However, Momes also offers you other ideas for activities with timber.


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