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Nashville – The Home of Country Music

Dubbed “The City of Music”, Nashville is a destination that captivates. It is another one of those cities where you can enjoy the southern charm of the United States. In every corner of Nashville you will find music, joy and desire to never leave.

If you go as a couple or as a family, it doesn’t matter. If your budget is short, it doesn’t matter either, two or three days are enough to get to know the capital of Tennessee. The centre of the state’s most populous city, which is around Broadway, can be explored on foot. However, when you get away from the centre a car is essential to visit the most interesting areas.

You will find typical neighborhoods in the United States, another option, if you do not have your own vehicle, is car rental service, with which you do not worry about parking anywhere. In addition, for tourists who like to live and enjoy the complete experiences and are most rooted in the traditions of the place, you can travel on the Music City Circuit, a free bus that takes you to all the emblematic places. The only drawback is that it only goes through downtown and The Gulch neighborhood.

Athens of the South

The city is also known as “Athens of the South”, for the neoclassical architecture and also the educational centers. In addition, it offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Country style. They can also enjoy and delight in the alleys with blues, and spend the afternoons in a local winery. You can visit the Bluebird Café and if you are lucky you will see artists who meet to share and drink the famous local whiskey.

And what about gastronomy? No way! There are endless restaurants that will delight your palate. Trust us, you don’t have to be just a country fan to go to Nashville.

Places that are inevitable if you decide to go on vacation

Country Music Hall of Fame

Since 1967 it has been the home of country music and the iconic establishment is located throughout the centre of the city. Obviously it is one of the places that receives the most visits each year and it is undoubtedly among the first places you should go to if you visit Nashville, not to say that it should be the first.

The objective of that place is to honor and document the history of all the artists who have made life in this genre. When you enter the museum you will see that it is made up of honorary plaques from country music stars.

Artists inducted into the hall of fame are chosen by the Country Music Association. The first three performers to enter the halls of this room were: Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose and Hank Williams. The first to join, while still alive, was Roy Acuff in 1962.

You can also enjoy live shows, video clips, photos and everything related to the musical genre that characterizes this city.

Country Music Hall of Fame

Visiting the Grand Oley Opry will give you a unique experience, since it is a stage where you can enjoy concerts by established artists in the country or those that are still booming. This is what makes this site so popular.

It is recommended that you make reservations in advance since it only has capacity for five thousand people, and although it seems like a lot, it is not! And if you can do it with access to the back beaters, you will not regret it. With behind-the-scenes access, you can meet the performers, see how the stage works, and even take a photo on it. After the show it’s always good to stay a while if you want to get an autograph.

Grand Old Opry

You can’t leave Nashville without having been to at least one of the two Tennessee distilleries in the city, Beech tree and Corsair Artisan, to be exact. It doesn’t matter if you like this type of alcohol or not, it is necessary.

One of them is the Jack Daniels distillery, one of the most successful whiskey brands in the world. In them you can enjoy guided tours, get personalized bottles and live a magical experience in just one day.


Since we can never put history aside when we take a trip, in Nashville you will find the only replica in the world, if you read that right, in the world! Which has a replica of the Parthenon of Athena where you will also find a replica of the golden statue of Athena.

It’s one of the reasons why the city is known as the “Athens of the South,” as you’ll find a piece of Greece in this Nashville city of over 700 million people.


You will love the spicy chicken! It is the typical Nashville avocado and is a piece of chicken breast, thigh or wing marinated in butter and breaded and rubbed with a mixture of red pepper. The result is a very spicy fried chicken accompanied by white bread or sliced ​​pickles.

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In USA a trend of car hiring to visit most of the attraction is popular. Most of the travelers and local families book a car services for the city tour especially in holidays. These rental cars are not expensive for a big family and have competitive prices to hire. People hire fleets according to their need. There are many other options including family mini vans and mini busses passengers accordingly. It is a big reason, most of the travelers to Nashville book a vehicle to enjoy their whole journey from their location to Nashville and stay as there as they want and get back to their homes.

The basic benefit of renting a car, Chauffeur drop them their own different location and also pick up facility decided before the booking. So people move everywhere as like their own vehicles. If you are new traveler and want to visit Nashville you must need to book a car service from any trusted organization like a Blue Nile Livery a one of the best car services provider in Boston who can pick you from the airport to your desired destinations safely.

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