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Most Common Causes of Smoke Detector False Alarms

Smoke detectors is a life saver device which is available in almost every house. They are beneficial for a lot of reason but the most important one is that it keeps you and your family save from any kind of serious fire situations. However, these detectors are designed to catch the attention and in case of emergency they can be of great use. No wonder, you require a professional of smoke detector installation companies whenever there is an issue with the detectors.

On the contrary, there two types of smoke detectors known as photoelectric and ionization. Both of these detectors have different working and they activate when smoke enter their chambers. However, there are a lot of reasons behind a smoke detector malfunctioning. Some of them are mentioned below:

Placement of smoke detector – there is not much of smoke required to trigger the detector. If the smoke alarm is within 10feet of an appliance like stove, oven, toaster, etc. then this can be the reason behind false alarms. There are some of the high-tech photoelectric detectors that can detect the rise in temperature as well. Installation of some detectors near window or door can cause false alarms. This can cause illusion of smoke which can be disturbing. Therefore, it important to hire smoke detector installation companies with proper knowledge and experience.
Steam and high humidity – the steam has dense moisture particles in it which can often confuse the smoke detector as smoke. In most of the cases, the dense air can scatter the light of photoelectric sensor. This can happen in case of high humidity as well. So, if you have smoke detector outside your steamy washroom then you need to reconsider its location.
Dust buildup – the building up of dust in your smoke detector not only cause false alarms but also hamper its longevity. This is reason you should consider cleaning the detectors with vacuum once or twice a year with the help of experts of smoke detector installation companies.
Batteries – in case you are facing harsh scream or high sound beep then it is a sign that its batteries need to be changed. In case of lifelong battery you don’t have to bother about changing batteries but otherwise batteries of your detector require replacement once a year.
Annoying insects – inspect your smoke detector and see the chamber from where the smoke enters. These chambers are big enough for an insect to enter inside. If the insect enters the chambers then it has the ability to interfere with sensors. Therefore, you require to open up the smoke detector to see the annoying insects inside. You can hire smoke detector installation companies to inspect this situation.

How to maintain smoke detectors?

For proper functioning of your smoke detector, it is important to maintain it regularly. This can be done by cleaning it. Deciding onto monthly maintenance takes only few minutes and will keep you safe from any sort of false alarms. Here are some of the tips mentioned below which you can adopt to maintain your smoke detector:

Batteries as well as expiration date – you should test the batteries of your smoke detector ever month. This will help you detect the situation, whether it is safe or dangerous. Also, make sure to be aware of detector’s lifespan. The longest lifespan of a smoke detector is 10years. Seek advice from professionals of smoke detector installation companies before changing or replacing the smoke detectors.
Clean it well – dust off the detector with a vacuum once or twice a year. You can do it yourself by unscrewing the smoke detector. Or you can hire a professional to do the job. The people who are unaware about the detector should go for a professional otherwise there are chances of destroying the smoke detector.
Apart from this, you should also be aware about what is good for your smoke detector while cleaning and what is not. It is essential to know that not all products are good for the soke detectors. Therefore, avoid using cleaning agents. Also, don’t use chemicals near the smoke detector.

Smoke detectors are life-savior which is why you shouldn’t take it lightly. Maintaining it well with the help of professionals of smoke detector installation companies can increase its longevity and productivity.

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