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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and The Responsibilities of the Implementation Partners

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a CRM solution, programmed and made available by Microsoft. It has been around for a long time and has seen many advancing upgrades.

How Can Microsoft Dynamics NAV help you?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV works as an efficient CRM solution by optimizing your system in the following way:

  1. Fastens and streamlines the way your team works.
  2. Works as per your requirement and convenience.
  3. Reduces the amount of risks.
  4. It adapts with your expanding business needs.
  5. Helps your business grow.

Thus, it is a smart choice to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a CRM solution in their system.

However, Microsoft has nothing to do with the implementation of the program. That is the responsibility of Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners. Here we will discuss about the various responsibilities of the implementation partners.

What are the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner?

  1. They help you evaluate new solutions: as already mentioned, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has undergone many upgrades over time to become better and more advanced to suit the market needs. However, the businesses associated with the solution do not choose to undergo the update process immediately. For such businesses who want to catch up with the latest modules, implementation partners are the guides they need. Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners evaluate the new solutions as introduced by Microsoft and thereby can provide with productive and accurate suggestions regarding the implementation of select modules. They can also help organizations or businesses who have recently chosen to implement Dynamics 365 into their existing system.
  2. They customize the existing solutions for you: it is to be understood that any company or organization has to cater to the specific needs of the industry that it belongs to. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV in its “as-is”, it is not possible to achieve all the required operational goals. This is where Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partners come into play. The implementation partners know the tweaks that they need to play in order to deliver you with a more personalized and industry-specific solution. Thus, you get the experience of a tailor made CRM solution.
  3. They provide expert consultation: with the right Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner, you can stay on track all the time. After choosing any CRM solution and its implementation, there is a chance that a business or organization is going to need support. The implementation partners that are associated with Microsoft, provide their clients with all sorts of guidance, consultation, support, and optimization recommendation.

Apart from this, they also have other integration functionalities. In simple words, the implementation partners contribute a great deal in the useful implementation and operation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is mandatory for any organization to hire a partner. However, you must make sure that you have chosen the right partner by conducting sufficient background research.


This article is about Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it elaborates on the benefits and the functionalities of the implementation Partners.

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