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Lifting Paris

Shapely, well-defined lips are a feature many women want, yet few of us have. You’ve likely already heard of lip injections, sometimes called fillers or lip implants. These procedures give that bee-stung look to the lips.

Another surgical procedure known as a lip lift can give you a different kind of pout. Unlike lip fillers, it’s permanent.

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure performed to enhance the natural shape of the lips. The outpatient procedure utilizes a small incision placed along the top of the lip, at the base of the nose, or along with the corners of the mouth. The dramatic results include:

  • Fuller lips with more pink tissue.
  • A better show of teeth.
  • A more defined Cupid’s Bow.
  • Lifted mouth corners.

Why Choose a Lifting Paris?

Fillers are a common choice for many women struggling with flat, thin, or fading lips. However, certain patients are not candidates for filler injections, and some look for a permanent solution to thin lips. A surgical lip lift can significantly improve the appearance of the lips and mouth, offering results that will last for years to come. Younger patients often choose a lip lift to achieve volume and improve the aesthetic appeal of their mouth. On the other hand, as the lips can lose volume and elongate with age, older patients often look to restore facial balance by plumping and raising the top lip by the teeth. This technique can better define the lip borders, giving a more youthful appearance to the lips.

Benefits of a lip lift in Lifting Paris include:

  • Lift and define Cupid’s Bow (“M” along the top lip)
  • Increase in the appearance of lip volume
  • Lift corners of the mouth
  • Increase show of teeth
  • Add proportion, harmony, and balance to the lower face
  • Shorten the length between nose and mouth
  • Reduce the need for dermal fillers

Could I make a good candidate for a lip lift?

The ideal candidate for a lip lift from Lifting Paris will be in overall good health, concerned with thinning, stretched, or poorly defined lips. In addition, patients should clearly understand the procedure, the recovery requirements, and the potential of side effects and hold realistic expectations for their results.

You’re not a good candidate if

  • You don’t have a lot of space between the base of your nose and the top of your lip
  • You’re a smoker, and you’re not willing or able to quit for the post surgery healing period (about 2 to 4 weeks)

Surgical Technique

Most lip lifts take less than an hour. However, the length of each procedure will depend on the extent of correction required, the technique utilized, and the individual patient. In addition, the ideal method will depend on the amount of lip tissue present and the patient’s desired aesthetic results.

  • Sub-Nasal Lip Lift

The sub-nasal lip lift is the most commonly performed lip lift procedure. Also called a bull-horn lift, this technique improves the Cupid’s Bow by excising a small portion of skin directly under the nose (columella). As this tissue is removed, the lip is naturally lifted, and a small section of the teeth can be slightly exposed. A sub-nasal lip lift will create a more noticeable limp vermillion and dramatically increase the lips’ pink area.

  • Corner Lip Lift

A corner lip lift is performed by making a small, wedge-like incision along with the upper corners of the mouth. It will slightly lift the corners of the mouth, improving facial aesthetics both when smiling and when not.

After Your Treatment

You should expect your lip lift recovery to last from five to seven days. Initially, there will be bruising, swelling, and mild discomfort. You can control swelling by keeping the head elevated, sleeping with several pillows or the top of the bed elevated, and with an intermittent cold compress. Sutures will be removed 5 to 7 days after surgery. Most patients feel and look good enough to return to work in a few days.

Side Effects

The lip lift is considered a safe and effective technique. Although complications are rare, as this is a surgical procedure, there is always a slight chance of complications. Risks include bleeding, infection, asymmetry, nerve damage, and unexpected scarring.


While a lip lift will create a scar, this is generally very small and well-concealed within the borders of the mouth or nose. In addition, you are choosing an experienced, board-certified group of plastic surgeons for your lip lift through Lifting Paris.

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