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Learning difficulties Due to Virus and School Closure

In the education community, the month when all the school doors shut down in March. But this year in 2020 on 1 March, due to deadly pandemic of Cvid-19, school closure nationwide of six government institute, and at the last of this month, schools had closed by 185 countries, and 90% of students affected by this virus in the world. Due to the speed closure of schools, the students are faced with many learning difficulties. The all learning institute faces many challenges for students learning due to this virus. And also need to overcome these challenges.


Some Learning difficulties for students

After the school closure due to coronavirus, the students indeed faced a lot of learning difficulties. To overcome these difficulties, the institute was introduced the online education term. Despite students still faces learning difficulties due to the virus. Some of these difficulties are:

Distance learning will approach learning to students and reinforce teaching that not work well we know:

After school closure, learning shifting to distance learning in many countries. Teachers using online learning technology to facilitate the students by distributing the material. But these approaches are didactic and solitary for students. It is very difficult to force students to watch videos by sitting quietly, ready presentations, or read online documents, which a very dull. After the school closure, the worst type of learning students are faced with sitting quietly and listing to lectures. So this the biggest learning difficulty for students.


Educators are unsupported and overwhelmed

Teachers are not too serious about online learning as they do not notice the schools are closed. For anybody, this is maybe challenging. Educators are much overwhelmed with the products and materials providing them, and they request to give them the quality material. So they are finding from all resources the quality material.

On the other hand, the teachers also experience and facing this strange world. They also take care of their children and to continue learning to find new ways. cheap assignment writing uk offers students homework assignment help to the students too.

The safety and protection of children to safeguard is harder

The safety and protection of children are harder. Due to this fact, the learning of children is also affected. The children are going to school clubs and for sports outside their homes. But the all thing was closed due to this pandemic. And the parents are not allowed to go outside the home.

The equity gaps widen by school closure

After online learning, the only students got progress that had the connectivity and access to devices, and online learning is possible for them. But on the other hand, the learning difficulties for those students that not have access to devices. At home, not all children have connectivity and devices so there is a need to ensure and provide them the connectivity approach. So the students. So there are just some resources for those students that not have access to devices. To overcome these learning difficulties it is necessary to approach the devices to those students.

During the pandemic with an ed-tech poor experience

During the pandemic, the students that use ed-tech had a poor experience. It was also impacted the student’s test score because of the use of ed-tech for an approach to learning that was terrible for students. Students due to isolation unhappy because affected their mental health. Mental health may affect most learning skills.

How to overcome the Learning Difficulties

There is much need to overcome the difficulties of learning for students. Some points to overcome the learning difficulties mention below:

Blended learning approaches increasingly tried, used, and tested

To overcome learning difficulties, the best way to emerging new learning styles that are best and interactive. 100% better learning is face-to-face despite online learning. A better learning experience also develops with blended learning despite face-to-face learning. And if it is possible to mix both online and face-to-face learning that may be a very exciting thing. Teachers should use these online tools increasingly and tried these learning ways and tested by teaching through blended learning. That may solve the problem of the students that are not happy with online learning.

Teachers should pay more attention to the learning of students

The schools are not just a building where the students get their study, but also the place where a bond is created between students and teachers. For student’s unique skills, the face-to-face support of the teachers is very necessary. These all very difficult to manage in an environment of distance learning. The children also have some other resources at school like uniforms, meals, and mental health that help to maintain their educational skills, that not provide at home. So teachers should pay more attention to the students.

Quality learning and teaching materials curated better and used more widely

There is a need to provide the best online tools to educators and for teaching to make learning better. Some sites also put on their pages the best material for educators that help them, and they inspire from this material.

Now in this pandemic, not only responsibilities for the teachers but the parents should also pay attention to their children. There is also a new trend that came to explorer the classroom on live streaming, where the young students are connected with teachers, educators, researchers, or scientists. So after this transition, the students should connect through this model.

To improve learning help and grow teacher collaboration

The only way to overcome these difficulties by working and collaborating. For teachers, a big platform is available for sharing resources with them also resources related to coronavirus including. Teachers should check the sites what the others are doing and make better teaching for students. Despite recording video, they should teach students to live. In this way, the thing may be going to easier.

Across boundaries come together these difficulties help us

The time when we work together and these difficulties may help us, across boundaries to come together. To work globally, its time, all education sectors should unite together across countries. This is a big opportunity to unite together across continents. So in this pandemic, the difficulties will overcome when we are working and fighting together against this virus.

Due to the pandemic, it’s a hard time for schools also. The students are facing many learning difficulties. There are also mentioned above some difficulties. But it’s time to overcome these difficulties the learning skill of students affected by this virus too much. And above also mention some ways to overcome these difficulties. It’s time to work together to make the learning of students better.

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