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Lawyers in Dubai

Lawyers in Dubai are highly professional individuals who can assist you greatly whenever you get stuck in any legal matter. He provides you premium quality legal counseling as he has the education, the degree, and the license to practice in Dubai.  Most of the law firms have Emirati Advocates who have an understanding of the legal system prevailing in Dubai. The Advocates in Dubai or the Lawyers in Dubai are considered the top and best lawyers in dubai. We have discussed the factors several times, well we will be just considering important professional traits and few other important things. The Emirati Lawyers in Dubai are having good education, good communication skills, and good pleasant personality. Here one point is highly important to note that everyone out there is not an attorney, lawyer, paralegal, or qualified to represent you in a lawsuit or litigation.

Emirati Advocates can represent you in court cases, we all know very well. They are authorized to represent their clients in court hearings and also make court appearances whenever needed in legal proceedings. The role of advocates is not restricted to offering legal counseling or legal advice; they also have the potential to carry out court proceedings on behalf of their clients. They appear in front of judges and juries and fulfill the requirements of the various courts in Dubai. So it is the mandatory condition that lawyer has to be UAE National. The advocates are specialized in offering valuable pieces of legal advice to clients who are facing legal disputes. Furthermore, they also offer legal representation to individuals, companies, and even multinationals facing serious legal concerns.

Advocates and lawyers need to fulfill some of the basic specifications before commencing practicing in the law field. They need to attend law school for a higher degree or certification in the law field after the undergraduate degree.  Besides, they must attend the law school or college for over 3 years tenure. Following this, they can opt to specialize in any particular law field of their own choice. The certificate or degree the advocates or lawyers hold must be from a reputable and accredited college, school, or university. There is a need for a fixed-term contract of at least 3 years to practice in Dubai.

Last but not the least; they need a license from Dubai authorities to practice.  This is just like a work permit for the legal world. They need to register themselves and get the official licensing to practice UAE law. Moreover, practice over the years after the degree adds to their learning, understanding, knowledge, and information. This exposure to the Dubai market and the Middle East is beneficial for their law career.



Primarily, Dubai Courts consist of the three different levels. The three different levels include the Court of Appeal, the Court of First Instance, and the Court of Cassation. All of them serve varied purposes which determine the nature of the laws and regulations. The applicable laws include the Sharia laws, Civil laws and Criminal laws. All the three courts take up minor to major legal cases depending upon the nature of the case, it’s worth and the number of presiding jury and judges in the courts. Commercial Courts typically handle issues concerning commercial commitments, agreements, and contracts. Besides, they also take up legal cases involving bankruptcy and banking procedures.

Civil Courts normally tackle the cases that are related to the financial rights and obligations of the individuals, companies, and legal bodies like government departments and other state-owned institutions.  They may handle legal cases including the cancellation of contracts and agreements, intellectual property matters, mortgages, and much more. Labour Courts in Dubai primarily deal with cases surrounding the employee-employer relationship. Lawyers expert for UAE Labour Law are called as Labour and Employment Lawyers.

The private sector employees, as well as employers, can file against one another. This includes issues such as unpaid salaries or wages, unfair or wrongful dismissals, terminations, discrimination, and much more.  Once a case is brought to the court it can easily be tracked on MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization).

Sharia Courts are also known as Personal status Courts which handle family cases in Dubai. This may include family matters such as divorce, marriage, alimony, child custody, visitation, and other family-related matters. The majority of the cases are settled outside the court with mutual agreement but those who fail to reach a reasonable conclusion are brought to Sharia Courts. They are put under the court trial at the Court of First Instance. Criminal Courts deal with the cases involving criminal activity brought by the federal and local prosecution in Dubai and around the Emirates.

The Court of First instance is the initial degree of the litigation. They have the complete authority to lead the lawsuits about administrative, civil, personal, labor, commercial, and other legal matters. They engage in an examination of the documents submitted, their authentication, claims, and statements are cross-checked for accuracy and much more. They are responsible to protect the rights of individuals who are involved in a legal battle or any legal dispute. For instance, commercial and administrative matters are brought to them including the debt recovery cases as well.

Note: Kindly Check the Dubai Based Top Lawyers or UAE Based Top Lawyers before making any idea or the decision. We will not be held accountable because the content is only a legal idea and recommendation.

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