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Know How to Fix Error Outlook Data Cannot Be Found – 2021 Guide

Microsoft Outlook is a stable program, at the best of times. It does not crash that easily. However, just like any other software, it is also vulnerable to issues. When facing a problem, Microsoft Outlook issues error message. The Outlook PST cannot be found error is such an error is such an error message that is displayed by the software if it cannot locate a PST file on the system. How do you fix the Outlook data file cannot be found? In this post, you can get 5 viable solutions to fix the PST file missing issue.

Why Outlook.pst Cannot be Found in Window 10

PST, short for personal storage table, is an outlook data file that is used to store your messages, events, and contacts. Before fixing the Outlook data file cannot be found error, you have to determine the cause of the Outlook issue and take a specific measures. The Outlook PST file missing can be caused by many factors.

  • Corruption of the PST file
  • Mailbox has exceeded its size limit and bring issues with the Office program.
  • The conflict between the Outlook software and the other software that has recently been installed on the computer.
  • The PST file is temporary located in the Network server and thus becomes unavailable.

Several factors can cause a PST file to get corrupted. For instance, the presence of viruses and malicious software on the system, unexpected shutdown of the Outlook software, and improper shutdown of the PC can all lead to the corruption of the PST file. Corrupted and thus missing PST file in Outlook.

Method 1. Check your Outlook

To fix the Outlook PST file can’t be found error, the first way is to check your Outlook and the computer software that is installed recently. It can help resolve the issue caused by an excessive mailbox or the conflict between different software on your computer.

If your mailbox is overloaded with too much necessary or unimportant data, it might causes the PST file corruption, and thus you can’t find it anymore. Thus, you should remove some of the Outlook files and don’t exceed the size limit of 15GB. Here are some measures that you can use to view the mailbox size and restore the missing PST file.

  • Option 1. Go to file > mailbox cleanup > view mailbox size.
  • Option 2. Click your account under the folder tab at the top of the Outlook screen. Go to folder properties > Folder size.

In the pop-up window, you can see how much size is used and what’s occupying your mailbox storage. After checking the mailbox storage, you can decide if it is necessary to delete some of Outlook data files and even empty some folders, for example.

  • Junk folder
  • Deleted items
  • Unnecessary emails from your inbox
  • Emails with unimportant files, attachments, or images.

Method 2. Create a new PST file

Creating a new PST file is one of the methods that can be used to fix the Outlook PST cannot be found error. It requires you to generate a brand new PST file. You will have to make use of the mail setup wizard to do same. How do I create a PST in Outlook 2016? It involves following a few simple steps to generate a new PST file.

  • Locate the Default PST File: To generate a new Outlook PST file, you have to confirm the file location, so that you can save it in the right path that can be used by Outlook software. And the navigation is very easy. Three options are available.
  • Create a New Outlook Data File: To generate a brand new Outlook data file, the Mail setup wizard is still an important tool you need. In the Account Settings dialog box, select Add under the tab of data files. In the next pop-up window, click OK.

Method 3. Repair PST Using x repair Inbox repair Utility

An inbox repair utility has been provided in the MS Outlook software by Microsoft.  It involves the use of the scanpst.exe. You will have to execute this program by finding it in the Office folders. If it finds out any errors in it, it will ask you to initiate the repair process. On finishing the Outlook repair, you can start the Outlook software to see if the repair has fixed the error message or not.

The Outlook PST file repair with Inbox repair utility is an intuitive process. But you might have trouble launching scanpst.ex. Generally, you can navigate the program by searching one of the following paths through the Run Command or the searching box.

Best Solution to Fix Error Outlook Data Cannot be Found

Now, you will see an efficient application which can recover deleted emails in outlook even without Outlook installation in your system. SysTools provides an excellent Outlook Recovery Software to repair Outlook PST files without using ScanPST tool. It can fix severely damaged or inaccessible PST file without any data loss. This tool provides 100% data safety. It can also recover data encrypted PST file (password protected) without any data loss.

Install and Run the download software on your Window system. As you open the utility, you will see an Add file option in the left top corner in the software Window. Here you can add your damaged PST file or files. Note that, the application can repair multiple Outlook PST files from your system at once. The second important thing to be noted is, you can load N number of PDF files of any size even without installing Microsoft Outlook in your system. You will see many other advanced features while running the tool.

Step by Step Instruction to Repair Fix .PST File Corrupt

  • First, Download & Run this software into your device.
  • After this, search or browse PST file into software.
  • The, preview PST files with attributes and click on Export.
  • Select the Radio button and convert PST file.


In this technical write-up, we have illustrated two approaches through which a user easily access their Outlook without facing kind of problem.

So now, hope you are relieved. This blog discussed a perfect solution to fix the error where outlook data cannot found. Now you might have got a proper answer for what to do when ScanPST does not work? This reliable and efficient software discussed in the above section will help you to recover your deleted emails in Outlook which is inaccessible in Your Outlook installation in the user system. It is the best Scanpst.exe alternative

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