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Is PRP Treatment Effective For Hair Loss?

Nowadays, hair fall is quite common across all the genders. According to a recent research study by Darrow Stem Cell Institute, more than 50 million men and around 30 million women experience hair loss issue at some point in their life, particularly after crossing their 50s. Nevertheless, age isn’t the only factor that causes hair loss because disturbing hormones and stress make the problem more terrifying.

Gladly, the advancement in technology has made it easier for people to get rid of hair loss problem and regrow their hair. You can opt for any of the hair treatments based on its reliability and success rate.

Out of several hair treatments, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is getting massive recognition globally due to its remarkable results. Basically, in this treatment, a surgeon draws PRP substance from your blood and injects it into the desired area of the scalp. Resultantly, it improves hair follicles that play a significant role in hair growth.

A centrifuge like a mechanism is used for the extraction of PRP from the blood. The ultimate purpose of centrifuge is to separate the plasma from blood and advance the absorption of a particular protein that encourages the process of healing.

Similarly, PRP treatment is useful for treating muscle injuries and male pattern baldness (also known as androgenic alopecia).

Let’s discover some significant facts about PRP, including PRP treatment cost in Pakistan and does it successfully treat hair loss or not.

The connection between PRP Therapy & Hair Growth

Platelets are known as the vital component of blood as it substantially improves cell’s growth and rejuvenation. The concentration of platelets is effective in healing wounds and regrowth of the tissues. Likewise, PRP treatment has known to be an effective and well-recommended option to avoid hair loss problem. Injecting platelets into the scalp helps in reaching it to the desired level of the hair follicle that causes regrowth of Dermal Papilla Cells (a primary substance for hair growth).

Does PRP Permanently Resolve Hair Loss?

PRP is a cosmetic treatment, and this minimally invasive treatment assures phenomenal but impermanent results. For better results, it is always preferable to consider a few visits to the chosen cosmetic surgeon’s clinic. Additionally, keep one thing in mind that always choose the professional and expert cosmetic surgeon for PRP treatment. The selection of amateur and unprofessional surgeon can put your valuable life and money in danger. So, think wisely and value your life over anything else.

Side-Effects of PRP Treatment

Undoubtedly, the process is secure for hair growth without any considerable side-effects. Perhaps, you can experience some negligible and temporary side-effects including;

  • Nerve injury
  • Infection on the scalp
  • Scar tissues due to injection
  • Swelling and throbbing

Don’t worry; the side-effects mentioned above are temporary, and you can experience noteworthy augmentation after taking medicines for 2 to 3 days. Your surgeon can better guide you about the probable side-effects and their appropriate solution. So, it is strongly recommended to see your surgeon and discuss everything with him in the initial sessions.

PRP Therapy & Its Comparison with Other Treatments

As we mentioned earlier, there are numerous options to treat your hair fall problem, but each of the treatment has its pros and cons.

For instance, finasteride and minoxidil are two popular FDA approved medication to cure hair fall, but both of them have certain demerits too. Moreover, medicines never guarantee consistent results.

Significant side-effects of both medications are;

  • Finasteride: severe sexual dysfunction in men.
  • Minoxidil: desiccation and itching on the scalp.

For longevity and better results, you can consider the option of hair transplant, but this option requires a substantial downtime. So, if you can tolerate the pain of cut in the scalps and ample recovery time, then go for surgical options.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

Gladly, there are endless benefits of PRP treatment. For instance, most of the research studies have confirmed the effectiveness of PRP therapy for male baldness. Similarly, a research study conducted in 2018 clearly stated that PRP therapy improves hair density and thickness among men and women.

Some other remarkable benefits include;

  • Minimally invasive and risk-free process
  • No recovery and downtime is needed
  • Improves hair follicle growth
  • Activate and uphold hair growth

Are You A Suitable Candidate For PRP Therapy?

Undeniably, PRP is an effective solution to avoid the thwarting hair fall. Contentedly, everyone is the right candidate for the treatment due to its incredible results. But a person with lupus and thyroid disorder isn’t considered an apt candidate for this treatment. Similarly, if you have a problem with platelets and blood-thinning then probably you shouldn’t go for this treatment. The cost of PRP treatment in Pakistan varies from person to person.

Indeed, this procedure is ideal for improving your hair follicle growth. That’s why; it is essential to discuss your medical history and notable concerns with your surgeon beforehand.

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