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Invisalign Retainer: Choose the Best Type after Invisalign Treatment

Types of Invisalign Retainer

Every patient underwent teeth straightening treatment has to wear retainer post treatment. Typically, it is a part of the treatment where the teeth are allowed to be familiar with their new position. Once the right time arrives, the patient is made to choose from the available options along Invisalign retainers, however it is not widely recommended.

Here, in this blog we will introduce you with some retainer options you can think about on completion of teeth straightening treatment.

Retainer kinds for Invisalign aligner

5 normal types of the retainers will be reviewed in this blog. Amongst them, 3 are clear and transparent, a metal one, a traditional one and the last one is the newly launched one you can try. So, can we start?

The Essix Retainer

Being a resemblance of clear aligner, you can wear it throughout of the treatment. It is made from similar transparent and sheer sheet of plastic used for manufacturing Invisalign. It is widely reckoned due to its extreme durability. But the exact time is impossible to reveal.

All you need to do is to take proper care of it and ensure that it is clean. By this ways, this retainer can last from anywhere between three and five years. Replacement can be needed soon if you don’t clean the retainers or grind the teeth at night. Essix is a bite pricey and a set can cost you anywhere within £60 – £145.

Vivera Retainers

Vivera is the branded version of Invisalign for the Essix. When you visit for the dental exam, same 3D image can be used for making this retainer which is used for developing Invisalign.

The interesting point about Vivera is it provides 4 lower and upper retainer set consecutively made from similar mould used for made Invisalign. Even it will be delivered during offering Invisalign tray as well.

Even you are habituated to teeth grinding at night or about to travel, just keep a spare set handy always. Although it has a fixed price, yet due to its numerous benefits providers charge £125 – £200 for a set of  Vivera retainer.

It is highly advantageous for the people having Invisalign treatment. In case you need an all-new set of retainer, you can obtain the delivery easily as your digital scan image is saved for future purposes.

So, it’s a wonderful opportunity for the college students and teens with Invisalign who live abroad and deem for new retainers. Traditional retainers need a new image every time it will go for any fabrication. This has to be done by paying a visit to your dentist’s office which is disruptive for the people with hectic schedule and every day obligations like school or job.

The Hawley

This traditional an old-school retainer is made from acrylic in the mid portion with metal wire to support it. Often it can be found to be used by the young kids due to expander. Being the adult Invisalign patient, it can’t be your retainer type.

Hawley is durable and removable just like Vivera and Essix. It is very efficient and cleaning can be carried out easily. However, the adult patients are more like to dodge between above mentioned options.

The Fixed Retainer (Lingual Retainer or Permanent Retainer)

Fixed retainer is always made up of metal wires to stick to both tongue sides of teeth. These assist is holding the teeth firmly to their newly obtained position. For severely crowded front teeth it can work incredibly for the first couple of years after teeth straightening treatment. Afterwards, you can opt for any of the Vivera or Essix for night-only retainer.

Most people are curious to know why to switch to removable retainer if this is highly efficient! This fixed and permanent retainer always deems for dedicated maintenance and care. Along thorough and regular brushing, flossing also becomes quite tricky. Moreover improper flossing will lead to the accumulation of bacteria, tartar and plaque causing serious damage to the teeth by resulting in problems like gum disease and bone loss.

Due to their permanency, you have to be careful during eating or else it can break. It will need an emergency visit to your orthodontist. Sometimes, knowing that the retainer has broken down is really difficult at all.

Somehow, you are unknown to the damage caused to your retainer. When it gets detected in the next appointment it already has relapse the teeth by then. At that time only expensive Invisalign refinements can redo the treatment.

Depending on the condition, you might have to start the treatment from the very beginning as well. When you have to put into permanent retainer inquire if Essix can be considered as it sits over teeth and can be prevented from damage.

The MEMOTAIN® Retainer

It is a kind of lingual retainer obtained from 3D printer to offer intricate accuracy. But it is fixed and will stay on the tongue side alike conventional permanent retainer. All of these options are underwent state-of-the-art manufacturing procedure and digital design to meet the precise requirements of the patients.

It is relatively thinner than that of any other lingual retainers. Due to the use of special alloy, it can’t be bent more than once after bringing up the desired shape.

How to take care of the Invisalign retainers

Retainers don’t come at free of cost as you have to undergo it post-Invisalign treatment. Therefore, it will be ideal to include it in the total expense of Invisalign.

By ensuring proper care of the retainers you don’t need to invest more on getting new retainers. But you have to replace each on an average after 6 months. Sometimes the frequency of replacement varies from one provider to another as well. Always choose the advanced as well as most suitable one for your dental condition.

What would happen if retainer is lost?

You should be careful yet sometimes retainer gets lost. In such case, you have the last tray set, right? So, put into that! You can use it like retainer only for a shorter time period till you don’t get the new one.

In contrast to clear aligner, retainer is thick. Eventually, aligner can’t hold the teeth with similar strength and wear out easily on clenching and grinding the jaw and teeth at night.

Retainers should be an integral oral care regime part if you want the outcome to last for long. Hence, whenever you are about to trip take retainer cases to carry along them. Don’t miss out the specific recommended wearing time even when you are vacationing.

Always ask the Invisaliogn provider or orthodontist to suggest the most ideal type for your dental condition. Remember, recommendations are always particular for the individual cases. Yet you should maintain the retainer discipline and be comfortable with it over days.

Mostly, at first you have put on the aligner every time. Soon, you will be promoted to the removable retainer which should be worn only at night for the later part of retention years.

Consider the teeth and gum like muscle. After extensive training using Invisalign its time to hold on the outcome you achieve. Any kind of foolish act can put all your effort in vain. If you are confused then click this site now to book a free consultation to ask your orthodontist which retainer will work the best for your case.


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