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Install the Router in Your Data Center for Your Upstream Connection

Wiring to the Customer's Home


The router is required an internet service provider to work with the fiber optic connection installed by the telecommunications company of your choice. Plugin and start configuring with the settings your fiber provider requires. Enable the Network Address Translation (NAT) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) options so that customers can connect to your service.

Test the router by connecting it to the computer. If you install it correctly, your computer will be online.

The installation process varies from router to router. Consult your fiber optic provider for troubleshooting.

Setting up a new network is often difficult. If you are not familiar with how a network works, consider hiring an IT professional to get your network online.

Install the Antenna on the Relay Point to Boost Your Isp Signal
Place the antennas on top of your data center to signal your ISP and do the same at every relay point. You need to climb up to the relay point and mount the antenna with the holder in place. The type of mounting you use will depend on the relay site you choose. Make sure each antenna is aimed at your customers and not at each other.

Choose a weighted holder for a flat surface. These types of braces are not screwed to the surface and thus do not cause damage.

For other types of surfaces, choose a plain or wall mount bracket that is bolted on.

Installing the antenna is dangerous. You will need a high ladder, crane, safety harness, and other equipment. Consider hiring a professional installer to install the hardware.

Hang the Access Point and the Black Hole on Your Antenna
Use weather-resistant metal clips to hold these features in place. Tighten the clamps to secure the device to the mast of the antenna. Position these components in the face of your customers.

These components communicate with the customer’s home network, so make sure they are securely attached to the bottom of the antenna. Don’t look at your data center.

Run the Cable from the Access Point to the Network Switch
Place the router or switch in a waterproof area, such as a wiring closet, in the ground, or near a building. Choose an outside shielded CAT5e cable to make sure your ISP will last. Connect the cable to open your access point.

Attach the End of the Strap to Prevent Water from Dripping
Consider seeking an electrician for a safe and durable installation.

Install CPE at the Customer’s Home
Look around the installation site to see what type of roof your customers have. Then choose a closure that fits well with that type of roof. Flat roof load capacity Use a screw fixing to mount the antenna on pitched roofs. Point the antenna at the nearest broadcast point when finished.

The place of installation depends on many factors. For example, find a location where you can run cables to your home. Make sure the mounting position is within sight of the nearest relay antenna.

Drill Holes in the House If Wiring Is Required
Find the best point to connect the cable from the CPE to the network devices of your users. To do this, use the ash finder to locate the beams that hold the walls vertically. Place the holes at least 3 in. (7.6 cm) from the knobs, use the 18 in. (46 cm) long and 3⁄8 in (0.95 cm) in diameter masonry bit to drill the wall all the way.

Look for ISPs, telephone companies, and other cable companies that answer calls at your home. You can use these points to wire the device without pricking.

Watch out for the wires on the wall. Use a stud finder with AC cord detection to identify problems you can avoid with your drill.

Always ask your customers before installing or drilling anything. Explain the installation process to them. To get approval

Install Weatherproof Cables from Cpe to Your Client’s Home
Use the same CAT5e cable you used at the relay point. Secure cables to the house by attaching them to the gutter with cable ties or cable clips. Run the cable against the wall and insert it through the hole you drilled.

Have a friend connect the cables to make installation a lot easier. Instruct them to look for the cable and the fish while pushing it into the hole you drilled in.

Connect the Antenna Cable to the Switch or Router
The Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch is the easiest device to connect to at home. You must plug the antenna cable into the wall socket. Then use a shielded patch cord to connect a switch or router to the socket. Plug the switch or router into an electrical outlet for power.

Provide your customers with a router and modem for easier installation. If you don’t, let customers know which devices are compatible with your service. Each customer needs their own modem to enable internet and their own router to enable WiFi.

Connect the Laptop to the Switch to Complete the Installation
If you have installed the antenna correctly, you can detect your ISP signal through the computer software. Use the software to install the antenna firmware update, change the access password, and set the customer’s specific IP address. Before locking the antenna, use the software to adjust its location to receive as much of your network signal as possible.

Before you go, test your internet connection. Log into the internet on your laptop. Make sure the connection is fast and stable.

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