How To Trade In The Stock Market – Beginners Guide

Are you a beginner in the stock market? Do you want to start trading but don’t know how to start? Do you want to get profit or some extra earning with your money? Do you want to learn trading? Do you want to learn How to trade in the stock market? 

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you are at the right place, my friend. I am going to guide you completely through trading in the stock screener. You will find the answer to all your questions. 

So, let us dive straight into the discussion with the basic question that comes to our mind about trading.

What is Stock Trading?


How To Trade In The Stock Market
How To Trade In The Stock Market

Stock trading refers to the investment that is for the short-term rather than buying a company’s stocks for the long term. It is risky to trade if you don’t have proper investment knowledge.

Today everybody wants to get some extra money. And if you are getting profits in some little time, then why not get that extra money. 

Everyone who is buying or selling stocks is not called a trader. If one is buying and selling frequently, then he can be termed as a trader. Trading is an art that is not at all easy without proper knowledge and study of the market.

Many people fall into the trap of profit and start investing and eventually become a victim of loss. So you should have proper knowledge of the Stock Market, and if you don’t know, then there are many stock market courses available which will help you in learning.

The market has both sides, good and bad. People see the good side of the market and start investing, and the market shows them the bad side. The traders are just betting their money for getting some extra money in some hours, days, or weeks. 

The main type of trading is:

  • Active trading:

This type of trading refers to when the investor trades more than ten times in a month. Here a good knowledge of the market is required to earn a good amount in the coming week or month. An active investor knows how to take advantage of short-term investments. 

Now let us move on to the next important question:

 How to trade in stock market?

I will tell you if you are a beginner and haven’t done any trading yet. As a beginner, you should keep things simple and not complicate yourself in the first investment. Investing in a low-cost stock will lay down a strong base for long-term investments.

There are a few steps in how to trade in the stock market. I will explain to you all the steps in a simple way to understand everything easily.

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  • Opening a brokerage account:

 What is a brokerage account? 

The brokerage account is a special type of account designed to hold investments. Opening a brokerage account is the first step you need to follow if you want to trade.  

How to open?

It is easy to open a brokerage account. You can take the help of an online broker, and it is done within a few minutes.

Why open?

Even if you have a savings account, it is better and advised to keep your professional account different. Some free trading tools and research are offered to new clients that you should use.

After opening an account, you are eligible for investment, but it is unnecessary to start your investment just after opening the account.

  • Budget Setting

How To Trade In The Stock Market
How To Trade In The Stock Market

Budgeting helps you to restrict yourself to limiting investment. This is important so that you don’t invest more than available money other than your savings.

When you set a budget, you only invest the amount that you can afford to lose. Always remember that you should not invest more than your budget and never  rent money to invest in the stock market. Stock market has both good and bad sides. So you need to play a smart game while setting the budget. 

  • Learning the market:

Once you are done with opening your brokerage account and budget setting, the next thing that comes is buying the stocks.

When you go to your online broker’s website or trading platform, you can provide various options and details of how your purchased trade would go.

This is a very complex topic, but in short, there are the two most common types.

1. Market order:

This is a very fast step in which buying and selling the stock are done quickly and for the best available price.

2. Limit order:

Here, you set some price or a maximum price for which you will buy a stock, and when the price is below that or at that specific price, you buy and similarly, when the price of selling is specific to your set price, you sell that.

  • Virtual trading account:

Like before appearing in a competitive exam, there is a mock test for helping students. Similarly, before real money investment, several online brokers provide a virtual account for having a practical knowledge of the market. 

Choosing the broker is also an important thing because your investment depends upon his thoughts. So, not falling for anyone and picking an experienced one will help. 

Brokers with low commission and good service, and providing knowledge of the market are some features you should look for in a broker. 



Once you are ready to trade, you should start with small investments, and you will gain experience with time. Taking risk is as important as some loss because this will prepare you for better investment tomorrow. 

No matter what, the time spent in investment and learning the ups and downs of the market is well spent and never goes in vain. 

Enjoy your investment and this beautiful journey of a trader, and once you start building your thoughts, you are on the way to become a great investor. Always learn from your mistakes. This will help you in the long run. If you further want to learn trading then you can join a good stock market course. There are many stock market courses available in the market but I will recommend to join the course by The Thought Tree.

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