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How To Take Care Of Rare Sneakers

Sneakers are a great way to add personality and flair to the whole wardrobe. They’re also a means by which Australians can show off their style. However, wearing sneakers that look good on everyone else will make them look bad on individuals. Finding rare sneakers like the Air Jordan Low makes individuals’ personalities stand out. Here’s how to take care of rare sneakers so they’ll last longer:

Do The Research And Shop From A Trusted Retailer:

Before buying, do the proper research. Check the seller’s reputation, return policy, shipping policies and costs. Customers should also check how quickly they ship orders and how long it takes them to get there.

Clean Them With A Soft Cloth:

To clean a pair of sneakers, collectors will want to use a soft cloth. The type of cloth depends on the material being cleaned:

  • Use a damp cloth for leather or suede shoes. This will help prevent any buildup from happening in between washes.
  • Use a dry cloth for canvas and other materials that don’t tend to get dirty easily (like nubuck).

Don’t Just Leave Them In Their Box In The Closet:

The box should be lined with newspaper to protect the shoes from dust and dirt, as well as any moisture that may accumulate on their surface. Keep them away from strong odours, heat and sunlight.

Use Cedar Shoe Trees To Keep Them Dry And Odour-free:

Cedar shoe trees are a must-have for sneakers, especially if Australians are wearing their sneakers often. With the rise in sneaker culture in Australia, more and more will find themselves opting for rare pieces like the Air Jordan Low so cedar shoe trees may not be a bad idea. They’ll help maintain the shape of the shoes, preventing creases and folds from forming in the leather. They also prevent moisture from getting trapped in between layers of fabric inside the shoes, which can lead to mould growth or bacterial growth on the sneaker’s insides (which can be bad news).

The best part about using cedar shoe trees? They’re reusable! Just put them in water overnight before using them again next time around—no need for new ones every time!

Remove Dust And Dirt With A Stiff Brush Before Wiping Each Shoe Down With A Soft Cloth:

If collectors have got a pair of rare sneakers, cleaning them can be tricky. The insides and outsides are both prone to dirt buildup, and they’re both difficult to reach. Fortunately, there’s an easy way around this problem: use a stiff brush to remove dust and dirt from each shoe before wiping it down with a soft cloth. This will allow the shoes to look like new again!

If there are no brushes lying around, try using some cotton balls instead; just make sure that they aren’t too wet before applying them (and note that these methods may not work well for leather).

Use Crepe-rubber Eraser To Remove Scuff Marks:

The first thing that collectors should do when cleaning their shoes is to use a crepe-rubber eraser to remove scuff marks.

Next, use a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt from the shoe’s surface.

Use a stiff brush to clean off any remaining dirt and dust from inside the shoe.

Finally, wipe down the shoes with a soft cloth after cleaning them with a brush.

Put Newspaper Inside The Shoes Before Spraying Them With A Cleaning Solution:

Spray the shoes with a cleaning solution and let them sit for 15 minutes to allow the cleaning solution to do its work.

Remove the newspaper from within each shoe, then wipe off any excess liquid or moisture from underneath the feet with paper towels or a rag dipped in water (if needed).

Let the sneakers dry completely before wearing them again!

Put On A Leather Conditioner Every Few Months:

Conditioner is a product that helps keep the leather on the shoes soft and supple. It prevents cracking, drying, and peeling—all of which can happen if collectors don’t take care of their sneakers.

Conditioner is also an important part of keeping the sneakers looking good and collectors will want to apply it every few months or so if they’re not in use (which happens frequently).

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