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How to Startup a Late Night Transportation App for College Students?

Late-Night Transportation Service App Development

Hey there! This blog will hover over the business opportunities in the transportation industry. This topic will derail from the private taxis instead of presenting you with the development of late-night transportation apps. Let us move!

The need for late-night transportation is on demand. This generation has started to work late and they are looking for transportation options that are timely and convenient. These pain points of people set up the base for the introduction of on-demand taxi services. Now, there comes an interesting opportunity for you to develop a taxi dispatch app that can be used by colleges and universities to pick up and drop off their students. Isn’t this idea worth it? Definitely, launching a transportation app for student communities will foresee greater reception.

How come launching the transportation will benefit college students?

Generally, college students travel by public transportation or college vehicles. This may seem to be the best-case scenario for daytime traveling. But imagine about students who pursue in evening colleges. They will leave the college late night and will look for the safest mode of transportation. Though many have the option to travel in their own vehicles, a bus or van may seem more comfortable and safe.

By now you would have got the target audience for your business. Yes, it is the colleges and universities. Let us deep-dive into the topic to analyze the need for late-light transport facilities for students. 

The first case is the students who study in evening colleges. They may hesitate to travel in public vehicles due to safety concerns. Next, there are students who do combine studies with their friends and may leave the campus late night. Other reasons include college fests like cultural, sports events, and other campus-related programs. 

Considering the safety of students, the college management will look for safe transportation facilities. That is where your opportunity to launch the transport app will come into play. In the upcoming content, you will get ideas regarding the app development process, features to include, and the types of transportations.

Types of transportation you can provide with your app

Shuttle bus service – The shuttle bus service will seem more familiar to you. In shuttle services the pickup and drop off will happen repetitively. Colleges can implement shuttle services for students which will be more beneficial. Since shuttle services are frequent, students don’t have to wait for a bus for a long time.  

Shuttle van service – The shuttle van services are similar to shuttle bus services in operation. The only difference is the type of vehicle. Colleges and universities can use vans to pick up and drop off less number of students.

Ride-sharing service – The above types of shuttle services are exclusively for intra college students. Here the ride-sharing service is for inter-college students. Students can share their rides with other college students. 

It is better to provide all these services so that the college management can offer flexible transportation for students. We are done with the types of transportation and as a next step, we will move on to the features to be present in the app.

Crucial features in your transportation app

As the crucial aim of launching the late-night transportation app is for safety concerns, the app should include certain safety features. Let us move further.


The geolocation will track every movement of the vehicle and lets the admin know the location. To enable the geolocation, barriers can be set and when the vehicle crosses the barrier then an alert will be sent to the admin. This way the college management can ensure students’ safety.

SOS panic button

Another feature that comes as a boon for late-night travelers is the SOS panic button. The transportation app has an SOS panic button which can be enabled by students if they face any safety issues.


Students can have an eye on the direction in which they are commuting using the app’s GPS. The GPS-enabled map will depict the exact location that helps students monitor the direction of travel.

These are the features that should be given the top priority that will make sure students will have a safe journey. Other than these top features let us see the possible features that will be of great aid to students/colleges.

Student profile

It is important to keep a record of students’ details so that college management can ensure which students are traveling. Also, in case of any emergency, the management can contact parents via the contact details available in the students’ profiles.

Schedule services

Using the scheduling service the management can set the timings in which the transportation facilities are available. students can go through the schedule and make their travel accordingly.


The management can fix the pricing for students who opt for late-night transportation. Either a fixed monthly or yearly plan can be structured.

Share location

Students can share their live and current location to their parents or concerned persons using this location sharing feature. This will ensure a state of calmness among parents as they can know the location of their children.


Students can share their ride experiences in the reviews section of the app. The college management can scrutinize the reviews and improve the service if needed.

Driver profile

The app has a feature for drivers where drivers can enter their personal details. The management can allot drivers to particular vehicles by assigning the bus number.

Trip history

Drivers can know the number of trips they have completed under the trip history section of the app. 


These are some of the crucial and beneficial features of the app that ensures students have a safe ride experience. If you wonder how to deploy these features and offer the transportation app then you have got the Uber clone app. The app holds all these features and an excellent back-end that processes user’s requests instantaneously.

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