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How to select the right PPC agency in Kolkata?

PPC advertising is the bridge that establishes your connection with the people who are actually searching for your products or services online. Global ads spent through PPC channels are increasing with time and for a single reason that it actually works. But this highly depends on the PPC company in Kolkata that you are hiring.

A PPC agency mainly creates and optimizes paid accounts and you will only have to pay an amount when someone clicks on your ad. PPC campaign is an amazing tool for advertisers today and it provides faster results, better awareness, and good quality leads. Through this digital marketing strategy is extremely lucrative and it guarantees positive results, still, it depends on finding the right PPC agency in Kolkata. So here we will provide you with some tips on how to identify the right one.

Check whether they are good at tracking performance

The first thing that you should consider while hiring a PPC agency is its capability of managing and tracking your respective campaigns. Ask them to link your Google Analytics account with your Adwords account. This offers insights into click and cost data at the same time allowing you to transmit your recent goals from Analytics into Adwords.

Check whether they provide a thorough analysis of the results or not

It is very frustrating when you invest money in marketing strategies and you don’t properly understand how it is impacting your business. Go for a PPC agency that will properly inform you how your campaigns are performing through the use of certain metrics like click-through rates, bounce rates. The agency should explain to you properly and also suggest tips for improving results. So make sure to hire an agency that sets a time to get over-reporting.

No long term contracts

Considering this point while selecting the right PPC company in Kolkata is very essential. There are many PPC agencies that can get you locked up in a long-term contract for 1 year or 2 years. This can make you feel uneasy if the results from the agency are not up to the mark. So select an agency that has faith in their work and will not force you to sign an agreement with them.

Check whether they have mobile optimization capabilities

Mobile phones have become a vital part of our lives nowadays. So now it is very important for PPC campaigns to be accessible on all kinds of devices as data consumption patterns are rising through the roof.

So make sure to check properly that the PPC agency that you are hiring will optimize your ads for mobile if you don’t want to miss out on revenue. Check their mobile-centric results for previous campaigns to get an idea about their capabilities. Another thing to keep in mind is that the PPC agency is updated about the latest trends as search and social algorithms are constantly changing.

Check whether they have knowledge about relevant PPC channels 

Basically, the marketing channels that you will use depend on your end goal. However, the PPC company in Kolkata that you are planning to hire should have sufficient knowledge about the platforms that benefit you the most. From search campaigns to programmatic, there is a lot of variety. Some focus on only search campaigns while others work on designs and manage paid social campaigns. But this requirement differs depending on what you need. So definitely communicate your expectations to the agency to see what is in store for you.

Check whether they are familiar with other aspects of digital marketing

PPC advertising doesn’t work effectively in isolation, it is only a small piece of digital marketing. Reputed PPC agencies always have required experience in all other aspects of digital marketing and can easily create campaigns that generate positive results. So basically PPC management comprises a team of digital marketing experts, be it Facebook ads, email automation, website optimization, or copywriting. Therefore, make sure to hire a digital marketing agency in Kolkata that is well versed in all aspects of digital marketing to get a positive outcome.

Will they be able to grasp your goals and expectations

It is very important that the PPC agency you are planning to hire properly knows how to transform your goals into strategies that work. They should properly know and understand in which position you are now and what you are planning to achieve. Certain metrics such as clicks and impressions are important but not the sole determinants of a successful campaign. Your objectives and goals will set the foundation of a strong partnership. Make sure that you can properly identify what you are planning to achieve and deliver accordingly.

Check their transparency

Transparency is the main thing to consider while hiring a PPC agency. They should update you properly about the changes and activities taking place in your account and this needs a transparent communication schedule where updates, strategies, and data will be shared between both of you. Lack of transparency properly indicates that the company is not showing that much importance to your campaigns. Therefore always go for an agency that has the willingness to share timely information and data with you.

Check the industry experience of the PPC agency

It is easy for any agency to claim them as the best. But before hiring you should check proven records to differentiate between a trusted PPC agency in Kolkata and a faulty one. Make sure to check their testimonials and case study to see exactly how they are different from others. This will help you to know their expertise and their experience which in turn will help you a lot in the selection process.


Make sure to consider these points before hiring a PPC company in Kolkata to leverage the strength of PPC advertising for your business today.


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