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How to Properly Shave with a Straight Razor?

How to Properly Shave with a Straight Razor?

How often do you shave? Whether you do it daily or weekly, you know the struggle. There is never a moment when you can claim that you have gained the expertise. The practice continues and still you need to know how to properly shave. When you use a straight razor, you need to be extra careful. There can be an instance when you accidentally get a cut on your sensitive skin. Hence, you have to learn how to perfectly shave with a straight razor. And keep in mind, shaving with a razor is an art; it requires a lot of practice, patience and techniques.

Are you trying to learn ways to properly shave with a straight razor? Well, here is a quick guide to let you know the perfect techniques and ways to get that smooth shave. Follow the steps and end up getting a perfect shave without any cut. We teach you how to hold the straight shaving razor, how to position it and how to shave!

Get the Right Tools

The first thing you need to get is the right set of tools. Yes, we are talking about more than just a razor. Most obviously, you will get a straight shaving razor because it is the basic tool. However, make sure you get a quality razor made of quality stainless steel. To ensure the quality, buy your razor from a renowned store. There are trusted and popular stores like K5 International that provide quality shaving razors. Apart from a straight razor, you also need to have other tools such as shaving strop, shaving soap and bowl, and shaving brush etc. So, equip yourself with these tools.

Skin Preparation

Now prepare your skin for a shave. Wet your hair and try to soften them. Bloom the soap as well and also strop the razor. Realign and polish the blade and repeat the process. Make a lather with your soap and then apply it to your face.

Holding the Straight Razor

It is important to hold your straight shaving razor. Holding a razor is almost like holding a pencil. Keep in mind that holding it firmly is not enough; your angles must be correct. Open the razor full 270° in a way that blade and scales form an L. Place your middle and index fingers on the shank.

Razor Positioning

Razor positioning is as important as holding the razor. As you get ready for shaving,bring the straight razor close to your face. Hold the razor at an angle of 30° and go against the cheek. This will ensure you don’t go for an aggressive shave and is done correctly.

The First Stroke

During the first stroke, try to be gentle and don’t be too aggressive. Don’t rush and take your time. Don’t apply too much pressure and allow the blade to work. Also, don’t imitate the moves and be soft on your cheeks.

Shaving Your First & Second Pass on Left & Right Side

Start with the right side of your face if you are a right hander. If you are a left hander, start with the left side of your face. However, it is up to your comfort. Go with your desired hand. Make sure not to apply too much pressure and end up causing an injury. Be gentle and easy!


When you’re done, there are some post shave things to do. Apply some after shave oil to keep your skin protected. Use some beauty and care products after shaving and don’t forget to apply them on your face so that your skin remains fresh and healthy!

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