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How To Promote YouTube Videos And Channel In 2022

Every month, YouTube receives billions of logins, and each day, users watch billions of hours of video on the site. The competition for viewers’ attention on YouTube, however, is fierce with over 23 million channels. How do you advertise your YouTube channel while making sure that your videos are seen and not buried in the sea of content?

Stay calm. In this article, I’ll outline about twelve promotion techniques that you can use to promote YouTube videos and increase your YouTube views and revenue. I advise you to have a look at a few different YouTube tools that might simplify your process and increase the impact of your marketing initiatives.

Since the YouTube algorithm, which is based on artificial intelligence, determines 70% of what people watch, as I mentioned in the YouTube numbers post, let’s start by examining the key components of the YouTube algorithm.

You Should Concentrate On These Two Key Elements Of The YouTube Algorithm.

A user no longer has to click on your video in order to begin watching your video content. The number of views a video received was rewarded by the YouTube algorithm until 2012. To increase long-term audience engagement and satisfaction, it has since been adjusted.

Two things that are very important are:

  • The amount of time spent watching a video.
  • The total amount of time spent on YouTube in a session.

You must optimise user engagement and concentrate on retention because the algorithm “follows the audience.” The likes/dislikes and “not interested” responses are a couple of other crucial metrics that the algorithm uses.

The most successful YouTube producers master their statistics to identify the patterns in their activity that cause sudden dips in their audience. For instance, Tim Schmoye’s client stopped using the word “module” in his videos after realising that it caused his viewership to plummet every time he said it, which caused his retention graph to flatten.

And what are some ways to lengthen your session?

Posting consistently, every week, is a terrific method, albeit you’ll see a couple tactics later in the essay. Your videos may end up being pushed to your audience’s home page as a result of becoming a weekly part of their routine. Your movie so becomes the centrepiece of their YouTube sessions. That’s important, right?

How To Promote YouTube Videos And Channel In 2022


  1. Dedicate time to YouTube SEO

Third-largest search engine globally is YouTube. You can receive free views each and every month if you can position your video among the top results on YouTube.

How do you promote YouTube videos and improve your ranking?

The most popular videos on YouTube are not provided in response to a search. It provides the user with the most pertinent movies and channels. You should be mindful of the following issues:

The YouTube algorithm can directly parse text, so make sure you use the right keyword(s) in your video title and description. You can ask YouTube to take into account your desired keyword for the search by putting it in the metadata.

How can you come up with a phrase that accurately describes the content in your video? It’s just your standard keyword research, and I suggest utilising a programme like VidIQ or Tubebuddy (reviews here and here, respectively) to do it.

Closed captions should be used:

By adding subtitles, you give yourself the chance to communicate with and reach a global audience. If your speech at any point is ambiguous, it also enhances the user experience for your regional viewers.

Create Unique Thumbnails:

A prospective audience will initially see your thumbnail when they first visit your video. Their likelihood of clicking through increases if your thumbnail is eye-catching and your title piques their interest. Your videos will be more easily recognised if they have a unified appearance and feel.


It’s important for viewers to connect with your video after they click on it. Do the majority of viewers watch at least half of your video? Additionally, do they subscribe to your channel and leave comments on your video? More participation is always better.

Pro tip: You may also make use of tags that are pertinent to other videos. It’s possible that these tags won’t directly help you rank in YouTube search. However, you can draw some interest from the “recommended videos” option and generate traffic there.

  1. Work together with other channels

To gain exposure from a group of people who haven’t heard of you before.

Partner up with other artists after that.

A easy technique to grow your audience is through cross-promotion. It has simple mechanics. Your content gains quick social proof when a creator with a comparable audience (and perhaps different content) endorses it. It convinces their audience to research you.

You must look for channels with a comparable audience to identify possible colleagues.


Your prospects of converting a deal with a channel that has 10 times as many subscribers as you have are slim. Otherwise, you must provide them with another type of value.

Audience Type: You may look into your audience’s interests and other channels they watch. A few intriguing creators to collaborate with may be found in your comment area.

  1. Spread The Word Through Other Social Media Platforms

Have you built up a following on another social media site?

You can get some traction for your new videos even with a small number of friends and followers (a few hundred). Within the first 24 hours of a video’s release, I planned the updates with my friends and family.

The video’s position in SERPs is determined by the engagement and social proof metrics from the first few hours following publication.

You can also consider contacting websites who have included videos comparable to you in their articles as a short-term strategy.

Even if a website has already written about a topic, you can still contact them and explain how your video enhances their article’s “media” section. and prolongs their time on the page.

Share your new movies with any existing email subscribers or website visitors you may have. It’s a fantastic approach to boost engagement and get first-time viewers. These first engagement figures are used by the YouTube algorithm to evaluate whether or not to continue sharing the video on its platform.

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  1. Consult Your Audience For Assistance

The YouTube audience is familiar with call to actions in comparison to other social media platforms. It’s a courtesy engendered by the “Like, Comment, and Subscribe” mentality that video producers have ingrained into the site.

During these crucial occasions, you might ask your audience for assistance directly:

  • In order to receive notifications of new content from your channel, you can invite viewers to “push the bell icon” at the beginning of the video.
  • Viewers “expect” an engagement bait on the end screens of the video. Thus, the retention plummets dramatically. Keep chatting as the conclusion screen displays and be careful not to switch frames.
  • Most visitors won’t read your video description, according to research. The request to share videos from your channel can still be made here, though.
  1. Use YouTube Stories And The Community Tab Together

These two resources aren’t readily available to all creators and are very new. They are an effort on the part of YouTube to give its viewers a full-fledged social networking experience.

If your website has a community area, you can engage your audience by asking them questions. The School of Life uses it to publish the written essays that go along with their engaging video sketches.

You can advertise your upcoming videos on the tab as well.

Like other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube has also introduced stories, which use a similar style. These quick video uploads are similar in that they are similarly transient, but they last for seven days instead of just one. Currently, only channels with more than 10,000 members can access the tales.


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