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How To Optimize Battery Life – Electric Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter !!

How To Optimize Battery Life – Electric Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter.


An essential part of any electric equipment’s useful lifespan that determines its longevity is its battery. Optimizing your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter begins with proper battery maintenance. Preserving your battery allows your equipment a better and longer lifespan.

The battery is the most important component of the electric wheelchair or mobility scooter that provides power to the device. There are various types of batteries for electric mobility devices such as;
sealed lead acid, gel-based, or lithium, however, sealed lead acid is generally the favorable one.

The overall lifespan of the battery of an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter is one to two years-
six months at the minimum, however, with proper care they can serve you even longer.

A curial concern for a power wheelchair or mobility scooter user, veteran, or newbie is battery life and care. You might have many queries related to how to extend your power mobility device battery lifespan. Below you’re provided with the answers. And tips to the most common questions regarding how to extend your power wheelchair or mobility scooters battery life with proper maintenance.

Factors affecting the battery’s lifespan:

  • Daily Usage: How much run do you tend to do on daily basis on your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter affect your battery life.
  • Terrain: The kind of terrains you traverse do influence the battery life. The enthusiast who likes adventurous exploration generates more wear and tear in the power source. Flat and hard surfaces are considered best.
  • Weight: More weight on the device is equal to more strain on the battery, it includes the weight of the rider, and carrying any sort of heavy items, it is better to avoid levying more load on your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter.
  • Frequent Charges: Charging your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter frequently also influences the lifespan of your equipment battery.
  • Driving Patterns: Don’t be a stop-and-go driver. Traveling at a constant speed helps to retain the battery life as well as extend the range and distance.
  • Tire pressure: This factor might not be obvious for you but maintaining tire pressure refuses strain on the battery, thus, providing you a better usage.

   Some other factors that affect the battery other than driving are headlights and attached accessories as they also consume the power from the device battery.

Taking the best care for the device battery:


    • Follow a strict Charging Regime, charge the battery from 8 to 10 hours, not more than that because. It might hurt the product’s battery. 8 hours charge can provide a rum of more than 10 miles. And if you got an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter of good quality it may provide you a run closer to 20 miles on a single charge.
  • Charge each time after you use your electric wheelchair or mobility device. It is better to put your device after you are done using it. Charging overnight is the best time for your product
  • Avoid Charging your electric wheelchair or mobility device,
    if it already has 80% or more charge remaining but, also don’t let your battery drain completely to 0. This might lead to damage to your battery health.
  • Check the battery regularly, and keep the area around the battery clean from dirt or corrosion of the metallic parts of the device to increase the durability of your product.
  • Avoid keeping your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter in areas with extreme temperatures.
  • Don’t leave your charger plugged into the power source while not using it to charge your device, this might overheat your charger and might have a negative effect.
  • Keep a regular check of the terminals to be well-greased and clean them if there is an accumulation of dirt or corrosion.
  • Do not wash your device using water or don’t let it out in the rain as the water penetrated might damage it, clean it using a wet cloth at regular intervals, weekly cleaning of your device would keep them in good condition. 
  • Disconnect your batteries, if you are not going to use your device for a long period. Your device computer stills drain the battery even if you are not using it.

Tips to charge your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter while traveling abroad:


  • Electricity usage in different countries varies, as they use electricity at different voltages. A voltage converter might work well for small electrical devices like hairdryers, etc.
  • But not for a longer duration of time. For charging your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter batteries you might need a transformer to ensure causing no damage to your device battery.
  • If your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter has a dual-voltage charger. Whose range falls from 110V to 240V, it will be able to adapt to any country’s voltage supply. And provides your device proper charging with any sort of negative effect.
  • But if your charger’s voltage capacity is either 110V or 220V, you need to get yourself a transformer for charging your power wheelchair or mobility scooter.
  • Buy a transformer for 50% more wattage, than your power wheelchair or mobility scooters battery wattage it protects your power equipment from getting damaged from the voltage fluctuations.
  • Even if you possess a dual-voltage charger or a transformer, do not forget to buy a plug adaptor when in a different country because the plugs in different countries might not be the same. Check beforehand to see what type of plugs are used where you’re traveling, so you can carry the desired plug adapter according to your requirement. 


The above-mentioned details will help you optimize your power wheelchair or mobility scooter’s battery life to last longer. The recommendations will increase your product’s life and get the most out of your product. It is advised to use the charger provided with your products, in the case you misplace them or damage them. Get your product a good quality charger. If your charger is not of a good quality it might deteriorate. Your power wheelchair or mobility scooters battery may cause permanent damage. Your device maintenance is a necessity as it might involve life risks. Hence, keeping a regular check of your device avoids mishappening. And keeps your companion and your partnership for a long duration of time

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