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How to monetize a mobile application: advantages of programmatic advertising

A correctly chosen monetization strategy for a mobile application is the prerequisite for your stable income within a long period. We do not mean common models, such as paid download or subscription, paid updates, etc – these strategies are losing their potential. Users will always have a free alternative to any product and they will be reluctant to download a paid option. The percentage of people willing to pay is going down, and this is why it is necessary to look for an alternative. We suggest using programmatic advertising services, where the money comes not from the audience, but the advertisers.

How to get revenue from advertisers

Programmatic advertising service is the link between the publisher and the developer. They provide platforms for both sides. The developers wishing to monetize their apps need to register at SSP (Supply Side Platform). This way you will be added to the catalog of platforms and your app will become one of them. Each ad display will bring you money. Plus, the ads will be targeted and your users will be unlikely to get irritated by them.

Advantages of programmatic advertising:

  • no need to charge the users;
  • no need to search for advertisers yourself;
  • long-term passive income.

Programmatic advertising service also provides detailed monetization statistics for mobile applications. The owners can see the dynamics and income rates, they also get hold of detailed information on the monetization process. 75% of all applications are monetized using this strategy!

Where to find a reliable programmatic advertising service

There are a lot of such services and looking for the right one might be tricky. We recommend looking at real user reviews. The following factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • interface – its usability;
  • analytics quality – whether you have access to everything, including full statistics;
  • efficiency of the technical support team, how fast your inquiries are dealt with;
  • flexible setup of your account;
  • scam and fraud protection.

All these data can be obtained from reviews on specialized forums, as well as in catalogs, ratings, and professional reviews which show all the pros and cons of companies.

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