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How to Migrate from Gmail to G Suite Email Account?

Are you doing continuous searches to know how to easily migrate from Gmail to G Suite? If so, then you have come to the right place. This blog explores a simple and fast solution that allows you to switch from Gmail email to G Suite with all the data.

Here, we will perform the task using the BitRecover Gmail Backup Tool. It makes the complete migration from Gmail to G Suite incredibly easy and simple.

After reading this guide, you know the simplest thing you can do to quickly migrate data from Gmail to G Suite application.

So, let’s begin.

Some Recent User Queries to Migrate Data from Gmail to G Suite Account

Query – Somebody please help me to migrate my personal emails from Gmail to G Suite account. I have an active account on both email platforms. Also, I want my attachments to transfer along with emails during Gmail to G Suite migration. What I can do?

Query – I want to transfer Gmail to G Suite with some selected folders. I tried some manual tricks. But, it failed to migrate selective files from Gmail to G Suite. I request experts to help me with a straightforward method to import Gmail to G suite email account.

The Ultimate Solution – The Gmail to G Suite migration tool is more than just a solution. For many people, it is the best way to convert personal Google data to G Suite without losing a single bit of data. Now, let’s focus on all the important steps to import Gmail to G Suite with attachments.

Steps to Migrate From Gmail to G Suite

Follow the below steps to Migrate emails from Google Mail to Google Apps account: –

  1.  Run Gmail to G Suite Migration Tool on Windows.
  2. Enter Gmail (Google Mail) Account Credentials in the interface.
  3. Select Gmail Folder and Label which you migrate into G Suite.
  4. Choose G Suite in saving options and enter credentials. choose G Suite
  5. Click on the next button to migrate from Gmail to G Suite.

To perfectly start the move Gmail folder to G Suite process, download and install Gmail to G Suite migration tool on only Windows supportive platform.

(Here, we will get results using the demo version of the tool that allows moving 25 emails from each Gmail folder to G Suite with attachments)


1. What is the use of “Use Batch Mode” in the software?

Ans. If you are one of those who want to migrate multiple Gmail accounts to G Suite account, then the software allows you a Batch Email Account migration mode. A user needs to upload a CSV file with all Gmail account credentials in the user interface with the Use Batch Mode option.

2. How can I use the Proxy Mode offered by the tool?

Ans. Proxy mode allows you to connect to a local server from a remote location. This means that you can connect your Gmail account with your local country IP from anywhere.

Benefits of Migrating Gmail to G Suite Using The Tool

The software offers a couple of great advantages to ease the Gmail to G Suite migration process. So, let’s understand one by one.

100% Secure – The tool is completely safe from all types of viruses to migrate Gmail to G Suite with attachments. It is tested with a Gmail mailbox of 20 GB. The results are perfect.

Migrate all data from Gmail to G Suite- The tool not only import emails from Google Mail account to G Suite. But, it does support migrating Gmail contacts, calendars, attachments, and more into G Suite application.

No Limitations – The Pro Gmail to G Suite migration application has no limitations while migrating unlimited Gmail mailbox items to G Suite with attachments.

Great Migration Speed – The software is the fastest solution with accuracy. The complete process is direct and simple.

Bulk Conversion – Using the advanced app to migrate data from Gmail to G Suite, the user can move Google account to Google App in batches. This way user can save time and energy.

User-friendly GUI- The user interface of the software is intuitive and fabulous. It can be accessed by both technical and non-technical users to directly migrate emails from Gmail to G Suite.

Advantages of Google Workspace

Unlimited Storage Space  G Suite is a platform that is hosted in the cloud, and it provides you with a limitless amount of storage for your emails, images, videos, and documents. The upgrade gives you access to unlimited storage, in contrast to the free Google Account, which only enables you to keep a certain amount of information. Keep in mind that you can get to them regardless of where you are. If you have four users or fewer, the standard allocation of storage capacity for each user is 1 terabyte (TB). A single terabyte (TB) can store about over 17,000 hours’ worth of music. The package also includes data migration tools and services that will assist you in migrating your data from the storage solutions that you are currently using.

Data Security You may now keep all of your data on the cloud in complete safety if you use Google Drive. It is not necessary for you to save your files and documents on your computer and other devices since doing so might result in the loss of data in the event that they are misplaced. Your data is kept in data centers located all over the globe, and you have unrestricted access to it whenever you want. All members of a remote team have access to the papers even when they are not physically together. Simply educate them on the principles of cybersecurity so that they can use the suite effectively.

Team collaboration

The suite includes applications that enable you and other members of your team to collaborate in real-time on the same documents. Each and every change that is made to a document is reflected in real-time and is stored in the cloud. You may increase cooperation on projects by providing users with editing privileges and other responsibilities using access rules. Some examples of such projects are website maintenance and search engine optimization. Additionally, there is a built-in chat system that you and the rest of your team may use to connect with one another and exchange ideas.

Google Application Even while the free Gmail account gives you access to all of the fundamental Google APPs like Google Docs, Sheets, Keep, Calendar, and Drive, among others, you may unlock many of the more sophisticated features of these APPs by subscribing to GSuite. It is not necessary for you to manually exchange files and data with the other members of the team when you have GSuite. You are able to quickly share them with the rest of your team and then archive them after you are through.


We’ve brought you the best possible way to migrate Gmail to G Suite in the blog above. With the Gmail to G Suite migration tool, the user can import emails, contacts, calendars, and attachments from a personal Gmail account to G Suite application. Hence, it is a straightforward process that requires nothing more than account login credentials. If you want, you can try the free trial edition of the software to import 25 emails from Gmail to G Suite from each folder.

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