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How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

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The value of clothes that gets wasted every year globally sits in billions of dollars. That is a huge chunk of money that could be used for a lot of development projects and improving the living conditions on this planet. One thing that can help us achieve that is making sure that the things we own last a lot longer. The most obvious advice here would be to buy something high-quality from a store like Shein. You can also use a Shein discount code to make it even more worthwhile. However, once you do get new clothes, make sure that you follow the advice provided here to make their life a lot longer.

However, due to our desire to buy new and disposable clothing items every season, A whole system of wastage has come into existence. Of course, the problem is not a new one and the impact it is having on us as a society and our planet is massive. To stop ourselves from reaping the negative effects of such a deadly cycle, we must start holding on to our clothing items a little longer.

Fewer washes

One of the key reasons why our clothes lose their freshness is washing them repeatedly. The more you wash a piece of garment, the more it will wear out. To make sure your clothing items do not suffer too much damage too quickly, reduce the number of times you wash them at any given time. Instead of washing after every wear, maybe bring it down to three or four times of use. Between each wash, you can spritz the clothes with some natural scent to make it feel fresh and ready for the next use.

Each time you wash your clothes, the process takes away from the strength of the garment, making it feel lumpy and worn out. Doing this alone can incredibly boost the lifespan of your clothes a lot. Clothes from stores like Shein can react very well to this strategy so you can buy yours from there using a shein discount code as well.

Use your hands

Using a washing machine may be the most convenient thing for you to go for, but it can greatly reduce the life of your clothes. You should wash your clothes with your hands as that would be a much gentler treatment and avoid any wear and tear. In case you are unfamiliar with the process, here are some basic steps that can help you with washing your clothes properly.

– Wash off the stains on your clothes in advance, then turn them inside out.

– Using room temperature water, fill the washbasin in your bathroom or laundry area

– Mix soap or detergent of your choice in the water

– Agitate the water with your hands and soak your clothes in the water for about 30 minutes. Silk clothing should never go beyond the 30-minute mark

– Rinse with water repeatedly until the soapy water is completely gone

– Without twisting or wringing the clothes, press them against the basin to remove water

The process is extremely easy once you get into it and a lot of good brands suggest following it too. Shein also has the same protocol to follow and you can buy their clothes for a reasonable price by using a shein discount code.

Use Good Detergents

A huge part of how your clothes turn out after a wash depends on the detergent that you use to wash them. Always use a product that is famous for its quality and ease of handling. High-quality products go easy on not just your hands but also on the clothes you are washing. A lot of brands focus on this a lot and once you get used to following this advice for your clothes, you will start seeing the difference as well. Cheap detergents often have harsh chemicals in them to make up for the lack of quality and they can damage your clothes quite easily.

There are some great detergents available online for purchase and you can get one that you like best. Clothes bought from stores like Shein may provide you with great quality, but they demand this small investment to make them last longer. And with a good shein discount code, they are already more than worth the money.

Bleach in the sun

For white clothes that need bleaching, the simplest and easy way of doing so is to simply put them out in the sun after a wash. The sun is great for naturally bleaching things like white clothing, towels, linen, tablecloths, etc. and you can avoid exposing your clothes to harmful chemicals as well. A lot of stain removers use these chemicals and they can often end up fading the colour of the cloth as well.


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