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How To Make The Best Use Of The Correx Boards That Can Serve Up Profits?

Correx board has been a light and long-lasting printing option for quite a while and has been widely used for making signage, displays and marketing tools. With a generally transparent exterior that is colored white it’s very simple to create prints on Correx and this implies Correx is suitable for digital printing as well as for the many types of laminates that are available.

Another advantage to creating signs using Correx is the fact that correx printing is extremely waterproof and fade-proof, meaning that any type of outdoor and indoor signs that are typically used for marketing and promotions is very well-designed on it.

Cost-effective in nature, if you’re considering a solution that doesn’t cost any money when considering large format types printed, you may make use of Correx to assist in creating campaigns that are highly memorable and create that larger than life-like dramatic effect too!

When creating displays and signs customers often want to know what materials they can use to create an extremely durable, high-impact finish. The most popular of them is Correx. This article will explore the basics of what Correx means and also the advantages of using it in your next promotional display.

What Is Correx?

It’s a kind of polypropylene board. If you view it from a side angle it looks as if it’s composed of a number of tubes that are joined which is why it’s referred to as “fluted plastic”.

The material is compose of two layers that are join that makes it robust, light, durable and weatherproof, making it ideal for use in a vast variety of conditions. While it’s like Foamex however, it’s much stronger, making it ideal for outdoor usage and places in which it is susceptible to wear and wear and tear.

Potential Utilizations

Because of its durability and strength Correx is a proven product. We have created a variety of promotional items made of Correx which include:

  • Estate agent boards
  • Signs of construction sites
  • Bollard covers
  • Signs for events
  • Directional signs
  • Signs for trade and advertising

Additionally, due to its sturdy, it could be used to shield windows, floors, and walls from harm.

Here we are looking at a few different printing options using Correx boards to let you are aware of what your possibilities are for this material:

Bollard Covers

If you are thinking about what a bollard is typically small-size posts that are use to construct a boundary that is both safe and also an architectural feature. Many companies put bollards at their parking spaces or at their entrances as a way to utilise them to promote their products.

The bollard covers is a multiple cover that could be utilised effectively to promote since many people pass daily. If you are smart and create a cover that is hard to overlook. You’re experiencing a cost-effective marketing strategy that will give rapid ROI.

The most commonly used option are bollard covers with four sides that are square , with the other being three-dimensional bollards. With a wide-ranging view on every side, bollard cover can bring you excellent results.

Correx Board Printing

Offering the advantages of being low-cost, robust and eco-friendly. As well as lighter in weight – Correx boards can be a great method of getting your marketing plan off the ground. Without having to spend the price of a million dollars.

Available in different thicknesses and thickness, directly related to the rigidity and strength of the board. Correx boards are able to use to serve multiple purposes and every time they are able to deliver flawlessly.

If you’re looking for short-term promotional use, be sure to consider discounting, promotional campaigns or offers. That are not long-term correx board printing is one of the most efficient methods to do it since it can provide. You with amazing results at a lower cost, while still delivering the appearance of a high-end material.

Estate Agent Boards

Everybody knows it is crucial for estate professionals. The appropriate signage is essential to inform people of the property as a rental or sale. Typically, the signs are put on the facade or porch the boards can assist an estate. Agent get enough attention to create curiosity about the property.

Since the nature of the advertising campaign that must be planned for homes is short-term, the sense that shoes for estate agent boards made of Correx are very popular in the present due to the necessary amount of visibility that is required.

They are also weather-proof, meaning you can put it outdoors and forget about it. That is until inquiries and calls begin pouring in. Available in different sizes and styles, they’re definitely a great method of getting people talking about your property.

Estate Agent Slips

If you are an estate agent placing your property on the market, you’ll have to update the status. When the work is complet or any other modifications or modifications occur. This can be done with the help of estate agent slips.

They are basically estate agent signs of a smaller size which can be attached to your boards to signal the change in status for the property. Instead of slamming across the entire board and needing to create a new one to spread the information. These slips for estate agents are cheaper so that you can announce your events.

Commonly printed in high-contrast and with a variety of finishes to pick from They are definitely an excellent purchase. Which will ensure the estate agents’ boards are current and use their maximum potential.

Shaped Estate Agent Boards

If you’re looking for your boards to have a distinct advantage by making them visually appealing by using shapes, Correx boards are the ideal method to do it. Customised shapes and designs are more likely to gain attraction because they are captivating and appealing. So taking advantage of this choice can assist in the process of updating your marketing plan.

The majority of them are print in full colour the estate agent boards shape in a particular. Shape can made using a variety of types of finishes at a reasonable cost. Which doesn’t cost you a dime in your pocket, and fulfils the goal of informing. The public about the property at time, and making changes to the property’s status. In the event that it is necessary to do so.

Utilising your Correx boards to do a variety of point-of-sale printing as well as marketing, you’ll perform well by using correx board printing if you are doing it correctly! We have a broad variety of choices and styles to choose from size, to finishing to styles and more.

You can ensure that you reap the maximum amount of marketing advantages with us as your plans. Designs become real and begin making profits for your business. Decide now to determine how you can utilise Correx boards to your advantage. Correx board for your benefit, and then get it print!



The Board Printing Company based in London offers a comprehensive printing service for businesses and individuals. We produce signs for indoor and outdoor use and provide the perfect combination of speed, quality, and affordability.

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