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how to keep a good habit of oral cavity

Under normal circumstances,everyone is eager to get a fresh breath and is afraid of facing bad breath.After all,if you open your mouth and emit a bad smell, it is really bad.However, sometimes, this problem will be faced. Some people open their mouths,emit a strong bad breath,and their teeth become very yellow.Even the most intimate people are estimated to stay away from themselves.

bad smelly in mounth

The most serious, undoubtedly, will pick out the yellow and smelly small stones from the teeth, like the small stones of the size of soybeans,emitting a strong smell, can not help wondering, what is this? What are the effects?

The yellow and smelly small stones pulled out from the tooth gap belong to dental calculus.As a manifestation of dental lesions, dental calculi need to be noted. As time goes on,they will not be effectively cleaned, and they will show deposition and mineralization and much thicker.

In this process, when eating,the food cannot be completely decomposed, and food residues will also adhere to the calculus, causing the stones to become larger and larger, and the impact is also terrible.

The emergence of stones needs to be considered when people do not thoroughly digest the food during the diet,so that the food residues are still in the mouth,mixed with saliva and bacteria in the mouth, making the stones bigger and bigger.

When dental calculus appears,it should be noted that this problem will make the bad breath stronger,because the mouth itself is very complicated, and if mixed with some other substances,it will make the whole mouth emit a strong smell. In fact, if you pay attention to the observation,you will find that after the dental calculus is taken out,this small stone emits a stronger odor.

tartar in teeth root

As the calculus becomes larger and larger,it will cause great irritation to people’s normal teeth,which will cause the alveolar bone to shrink.Over time,the calculus will gradually develop toward the root of the tooth, causing the tooth to loosen and fall off.

The formation of calculus is also closely related to the bacteria in the oral cavity.Such bacteria can cause periodontal inflammation.Periodontitis is becoming stronger and stronger,and periodontal diseases are becoming more serious.

Affected by dental calculus,it will cause inflammation of the gum roots, gum tissues are facing edema, abnormal hyperemia,the edges of the gums will show erosion,and it is very easy to bleed, especially at night,it will quietly bleed,and the next day,open Mouth, found that all of them were bloodshot.

It can be seen that the impact of dental calculus is still very large.For this problem,how to care and improve the oral cavity is everyone’s concern.So at this time, what should be done?

The development of dental calculus will make tartar more and more,and the odor produced becomes stronger and stronger.In response to this problem,it is recommended that you wash your teeth regularly,don’t underestimate this method,you can completely remove calculus, in fact,washing teeth is also a care of the oral cavity.The very important things in the process of protecting teeth must not be ignored.

To protect your teeth,you also need to keep brushing your teeth.Brushing your teeth regularly can protect your mouth.By brushing your teeth,you can completely remove bacteria and food debris from your teeth Therefore,brushing your teeth is very necessary.Develop a good habit of brushing your teeth sooner or later,you will find that your teeth are treated and your mouth is fresher.

brushing teeth in daily life

Food residues fall into the teeth,and will gradually develop into stones.It is recommended that everyone eat scientifically and reasonably in this process.It is really comfortable to eat meat,but eat too much that cause the meat to be stuffed in the teeth,and it will not be removed in time,which will cause the smell in the mouth to be more intense.

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