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How to Improve Your English Vocabulary?

by Thesis Help


Vocabulary is what makes our sentences. Vocabulary is a set of words we use in our daily lives, either to communicate or write. Our vocabulary of words gives meaning to our sentences and allows other people to understand what we are saying.

If you’re a student who regularly has to write in English or you work in an environment where you have to speak in English then it’s important for you to have a good vocabulary. Vocabulary helps us get through our daily life; it allows us to express our ideas and make us seem professional.

Whether we like it or not, we are being constantly judged for everything and it’s right to embrace who we really are but it’s not a bad idea to actually work on something we fear people might judge us on. Improving our vocabulary will polish our speaking abilities and help us groom our personality that’s why it is important for everyone to improve their vocabulary.

There are a number of ways to improve or expand your vocabulary, some of which are as follows:

  • Read As Much As Can

This is probably the most effective and used way of learning, improving, and expanding vocabulary. Reading helps us identify words we might not hear in our daily lives. Reading, not only introduces new words to us, but it also presents them in a context that makes it easier for us to understand the meaning and usage of that word. It’s easiest to read and learn a word when it is present with the context.

  • Keep a Dictionary with You at All Times

Keeping a dictionary at hand can prove to be very beneficial if you are actually into improving your vocabulary. You can look up any word you are unfamiliar with and know its meaning immediately. Also you can find the synonyms of the words which will improve and expand your vocabulary, you’ll learn a few words with the same meaning and you’ll learn to use the synonyms in your sentences as well.

  • Write Down New Words

When you’ll read on a daily basis and you’ll use a dictionary to learn the meanings, you should also take notes of the new words you learned. This way you can just go back to the paper you wrote the words and their meanings on and you wouldn’t have to go through a dictionary again.  Also writing helps you memorize things a little better. You can easily keep track of all the words you learned in a week or month and you can easily revise the word by consulting the paper. Make your own dictionary.

  • Use the Words

You should regularly try to use the new words you learned in your sentences, this will help you get more and more familiar with the word and its usage and it will just going to become a part of your vocabulary. Use new words in your conversations, this will also develop the interest of other people and they might end up asking you the meaning of the word and this way you will be able to revise the meaning of it, engraving the word into your memory even more. Use the new words while you’re texting, emailing or writing.

  • Turn on the Subtitles

It is also similar to reading and as effective as well. Reading the subtitles of anything that you’re watching will not only improve your vocabulary, but it will also help you identify the emotions, certain words are connected to. You can learn the usage of words and their context through the person’s expression. This might seem silly but this is highly effective. Try it to believe it.

  • Play Word Games

Make good use of your mobile and internet service, download word puzzles, or complete the crossword puzzles in your local newspapers or magazines. Puzzles challenge your brain to remember the words you don’t use often but know about. Play games like scrabble and observe how people are making use of their tiles. The thesis writing service in Pakistan claims that this is a great and fun way to learn new words and improve your vocabulary.

  • Learn One Word Every Day

Write a word down and put it up in places you frequently go to or things you use more than once for example, you can write the word on a note and stick it onto the mirror or fridge. This way you will revise the word every time you look at yourself in the mirror or just idly open your fridge. Repeat the process each day with different words. You can later increase your word intake.

  • Don’t Overburden yourself

It’s good that you’re trying hard to improve your vocabulary but there’s one thing you should avoid at all costs and that is to overburden yourself with a large number of words every day.  You should take things slowly. If you would want to learn everything quickly you’ll end up forgetting it even faster.

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