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how to get high salary job in digital marketing as fresher?

In digital marketing, a high package of salary as fresher depends on market, companies and your skills. you can expect 8k – 15k being fresher for digital marketing with a little bit of knowledge. After getting experience your salary stands at 2 Lakh per month. Differently, you require to show the conversions and traffic as per the aims to boost the salary bar.

The different job tasks and their particular minimum and maximum salary (per month) band are as presented in the chart below:

E-mail marketing executive: The executive has big responsibilities to forward e-mails to a big number of target audiences to generate leads for the business. The salaries can be a range anywhere at approx 15k – 20k.

Content writing: The content writer has a big responsibility to write unique content for the company. Content writing, salary is between Rs.20k-25000k per month.

content marketing: Content marketer has a duty that how much can popularity gains in the content. 

Content marketing, salary is between Rs.15k-20k per month.

Digital marketing executive: As a fresher, Digital marketing executives have lots of duties like SEO and SEM planning, social media, and other marketing campaigns. They deserve anywhere between Rs.22k- 45k. After gaining experience their salaries range 50k – 100k.

Social media marketing: Every company has a main focus on social media. social media marketer has a responsibility that attracts the customer’s attention via social media platforms. As a fresher the salaries of social media marketing between Rs.15000-35000.

Search engine optimization: SEO is most important in digital marketing. The SEO executive has responsibilities to rank the website or business in user searches on any search engines. As a fresher salaries range between 15k – 20k. 



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