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How to fight depression in the Pandemic

How to fight depression in the Pandemic

The coronary heart disease has plagued us for more than a year. We are almost ready to return to our lives when the second wave hits us.How to fight depression in the Pandemic

With the alarming knowledge of the growing and growing number of deaths, we have all overcome situations.

We notice that unforeseen uncertainties affect our health. The constant care of loved ones has always been a concern for us.

Therefore, we must avoid stress as much as possible to continue working at home.
Use the information for informational purposes only
Because we all need to know situations, understanding the screen is not always helpful. Obviously this is not good as the job of the site is to show the truth and not always.

You must understand your ability to accept numbers and facts. If you are tired, turn off the TV immediately.

Feel free to return to your desk immediately. Walk around the house fairly quickly until you feel the urge to turn around and drink a glass of water.

Finally, when you return to your seat, close your eyes, sit back, and breathe in all three numbers, realizing that this is true and that safety is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones. keep the covenant and be careful.

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Try the second exercise

We are the people who learned last year about the importance and importance of being outside and connecting with people.

Therefore, it can be difficult to leave your home suddenly and have a different effect on your mind and body.

You may have difficulty getting up in the morning (you have eaten bread before) or feel restless.

In this situation, 5 seconds of Melo Robbins helps you stop thinking and get ready for the day. Whenever you want, do not rush, think, close your eyes and slowly count to 5, then go back off (5-4-3-2-1) and so on.

This exercise is said to help suppress the process of slowing down or self-destructive thinking and make you anxious again.

According to Robbins, after reading these five tips, you can stop overthinking, so slowly focus on the task at hand by activating the other part of your brain.

Connect with your friends

It is normal to be lonely when you are locked inside your house, but safety is paramount. However, this does not mean that you can not communicate with your friends.

If not daily, play a video / voice with friends and upload it. You can play or start a preview. On the court you can meet your friends and watch your favorite movies.

Video calls can help distract you from the negative visual clutter that can ruin your night.

Try to avoid too much discussion about one topic that may focus on both things rather than focusing on other things, like a new movie or series you are watching, discovering new music a month and the like.

Take care of your mental health

These illnesses have forced us to experience more mental illness than ever before.

Time is difficult and the only way to get through situations is to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Do not be afraid to seek the help of therapists, as they are trained and can solve problems at a deeper level than anyone else.

Programs like Cult.fit and Healthifyme allow you to book an online conference.

Remember you are dealing with the situation mentally and physically!

Relax on social media

Advertising has always benefited everyone, but sometimes the fear grows. As we said before, many things are bad for your health.

So try to relax on social media for at least a week or two. This will help you find time to focus on other shows and distract you from the video.

You can also set the time display on your phone and the social media browser key you want to see. You can set the screen time in the phone settings.

Take care of your body

A healthy body can keep your mind and heart healthy. From that moment on, we all met and built our own training house in our own home.

With this second lock, physical gyms are ready, contact your trainer and continue to improve your health.

If you want to shop on your own, you can exercise by choosing a health plan like cult.fit. They offer a variety of exercises to help you manage your health.

But good health is not just exercise, the most important thing is what you eat.

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