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How to earn money online with student studies 10- Ways

Earn money online with student studies, Welcome friends I have been asked by many visitors on Facebook if I am a student and can earn money online and courses, if yes, then how do I get it, so today I am writing this post for those special readers who read easily. you can earn money online.

Doing online work will increase your knowledge and you can only do your job online, but in order to work online, you need a little knowledge of the English language, for online work you have a PC or Laptop. So it is better but also you can make money online from a smartphone.

We have told you about some online jobs for you here, which can become a source of online income for you and you can earn money online along with studies.

Earn money online with student studies

If you want to earn money from Google, then you can read this article on Google Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, in this, I have given all the information related to earning money from Google FROM

1. Data Entry

This is a very good part-time job for students because this work can be done 24×7 anytime from anywhere in their free time, you do not need much knowledge and skill for data entry, but you have some things. It is necessary that Pc or Laptop, Internet Connection, and a little bit of typing information, if you have all these things, then you can earn money along with studying online easily.

Here we have given the name and link of the website joining the data entry for you, which you can join and earn.



2. Micro jobs

This work is a very good job for the student and with minimum student studies, short tasks are given in this job, Facebook like Karna, Retweet karna, website search karna, social media marketing karna, website design karna, Seo related Which students can easily work in free time.

3. Writing work

If you are a student, then definitely you complete your studies by writing, but if this skill becomes your means of earning money, then yes you can do online writing work but here you have to write for the project if your English language. If you are strong then you can make good income by joining freelancer website.

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. Virtual Assistant

By using communication skills, students can also do online jobs by becoming virtual assistants, in this work we get online projects which have to be completed, in this job, work has to be done in the same way as working in the office.
In Virtual Assistant, we get payment at hourly rate ya project basic.

5. Website Testing

There is a great need of such students in the online field who can test the new website and give their feedback and change the sites according to the comments, this opportunity is very best for the students, if you want to make online income by becoming a website tester, then your For this, some website names are given below, which can earn money by joining.

6. Blogging

Blogging is the best online part time job for student, career in blogging is unlimited, if you have knowledge in some things like – you have information related to internet, you like to write story poetry, that is, in blogging. If you do not know what a blog is and how to earn money online by creating a free blog, then you can read the posts given below.

7. Selling Own Items

You are a student as well as you do photography, make paintings, write ebooks or craft or can convert waste to the best i mean if you have any passion then you can also earn income from that passion as I told. If you do photography, you can make income by putting the photo on the online website, if you make the best painting, then you can earn money by selling that painting, there are many ways if you have an old one that you do not use and If that stuff is right then you can also earn money by selling it through online website.

8. Complete Surveys

This is the best and simplest way for the student to earn part time money with studies because in this you do not have to spend much time, only have to complete the survey of 5- 15 miniutes, for which we have to pay 5-10$ for the survey length. Accordingly, you get money, you have to create an account on the survey website, that website gives you to complete the survey, as far as I know, there will be no student who does not have 15-20 time to do this work.

9. Online Tutor

This is a very good option for the student, online tutor work is increasing very fast in today’s time to earn money with online studies, it is increasing because neither the student needs to be told nor the tutor is there. You can increase your knowledge by sharing your knowledge from one place and you can earn a lot of income.

10 video making/Creating

If you like to write story, have information related to technology, know how to write comic, poetry, poetry, cooking etc.. If you have any one skill, then you can earn money by sharing that skill with people i mean video to story You can earn money through YouTube by making videos related to technology, you must have seen that there are many YouTubers who are earning lakhs of rupees in a month.

Friends, everyone has some skill or the other, it just needs to be recognized, you can make a successful career by making your skills a means of earning, if you are a student, then focus on studies and not on money because today you are studying then definitely Yes, your career will be successful in future, yes if you have the compulsion to earn money along with studies, then you can earn money knowledge experience along with studies in the way mentioned here, which will be very helpful for you in the future.

I also study now but doing a job is a compulsion, so I do part-time and part-time blogging also helps people by blogging and they also get to learn something new and the feedback I get from all of you. I get happiness and also encouragement to do blogging regularly

So guys hope today’s our article student paise kaise kamaye you must have liked the article, if you like the article then you must give your valuable feedback through comment and need share / share this post on other social sites so that more students study Fulfill your needs by doing online part-time jobs with.



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